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What Are Your Favourite Stress Management Activities & Routines?

i love this thread!

daily: well, i try to meditate daily. sometimes it's just a few minutes of deep breathing, sometimes a full body scan, sometimes it turns into inner child work, just spends on what i can do that day. 10 min yoga. oh, and tea. cant do without my tea.

blowing off steam: i go for walks when i can. getting outside at all really helps. galen tipton's "brain scratch" album helps me with sensory overload. sometimes i just need to talk it out. stardew valley. going out for a soda with my partner.

things i'd like to build into my life: social outings. hobbies outside the home, like pottery or dance classes. reading. more art - but most of the time i'm too depleted to indulge in creativity. i'm trying to build that up more bc it's really important to me. i think part of the reason it's hard is bc there's a lot of pressure; i'm trying to re-enroll in my MFA program eventually, so it's ... there's pressure. i'm rediscovering art just for the joy and expression of it. anyway.
When Dad was dying of cancer and my nerves were through the roof I obsessively used the app duolingo to keep my mind busy. I just couldn't afford to fall apart, needed to be there for him.

Sometimes when I'm really stressed I distract with what I'd call "Strong" tv. Generally factual programs about something awful or compelling.
Because something light wouldn't be strong enough to capture and hold my attention.

Past examples have been documentaries on scientology or other cults, true crime, holocaust, the treatment of aborigines, black people, gays, women. So loosely on the topic of power and abuse of power.

Compelling shows like the one on the Roosevelts I loved too. That Teddy is something else.

I feel a bit of shame about this coping technique. But it's absolutely helped me through some desperate times.
Going to the beach.
Sleeping securely.
No deadlines.

I am sorry I missed the initial questions. 😔 Stressful problem, a solution is what relieves it. Stressful situation, support helps hold me together. Stressful thoughts, clarity, direction and sleep. Stress of a deadline, time, tools energy and understanding of the goal and what's necessary to get there. Stress in relationships, honesty, communication, and safety. Stress in the moment, breathing and nicotine. Stressful environments, the ability to read people, and the ability to leave. Stress based on the past and fears and needs of the immediate and future, prayer.

Dancing and the beach are just bliss. ☺️
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I'm with the hiking in nature and cycling crowd. I used to love dancing all night in a club when I was younger. I still love a bit of booze.

And is it just me, or has nobody mentioned masturbation?!
Mod Note Google the Samaritan’s, for he most up to date email, phone, & chat contact information.

I called them about 15 years ago. It was amazing. I think they are all volunteers so there is an element of luck with who picks up the phone, but I was lucky. The dialogue went like this:


"Is this the Samaritans?"


And then I cried. And cried, and cried. I said I'm sorry. She said:

"Take your time. Take your time."

I then talked her through my past. She got me talking about my future. What a wonderful experience.

Thank you, Samaritans.