What are your pet peeves ?


Policy Enforcement
I have a lot but the one primary in my mind at the moment (because of a dude at work) is people getting in my bubble. I absolutely hate anyone being too close or touching. This is kind of an internal battle at the moment too because I have this revulsion to being touched but also really want a hug from T when I’m not at his office. I keep thinking next session I’ll ask him but then nope can’t do it.


Close talkers. This lady I work with gets right in your face to talk to you. Literally inches away. How many times can people give you the look (like you're a wackadoo) while backing away from you before you get the message? Apparently hundreds. Ugh. Freak!


Dear World...

When taking pictures with your mobile devices... for the love of all that’s f*cking holy... wipe off your damn lenses!!! :banghead:

It takes half a second on your sleeve, and that horrible milky grainy awfulness? “Magically” doesn’t happen. As you’re not shooting through your own body oil, skin cells, sweat, and makeup.


Junk Mail


When I do donate, getting a very brief "Thank you note" with another then HUGE request for more money. (And repeatedly, if I do not respond).

Once I make a donation to one organization, every charitable organization that is even remotely similar sends me requests for donations until my mailbox is full every day with these things!

My close friends know that I don't own a TV. However, they repeatedly will ask me what I thought about what has been on TV, not just what is in the news, but a particular TV show I have never seen nor know anything about!

Someone sent me a BUNCH of stuff to read in with my Christmas Present. I really was not interested in it. She kept hounding me about if I had read it or not. I finally read one little bit of it, made a HUGE point about having read that, and then threw the rest of it out along with some other papers I no longer needed.

Being hounded and nagged as to why I am not involved in one of our church's ministries. Like, no one should be expected to be involved in every ministry of the church, especially when they have a job!

Being ignored or unappreciated.

Medical people who use huge medical terms or even small ones that I do not know the meaning of while telling me about a serious medical condition I am suffering from and NOT telling me it is serious. SO a year goes by and I am wondering why I am so tired all the time. Also, this same medical person telling me to drink 3 qts of water a day, but not really explaining WHY! Like, do I have a medical degree? I mean,.... really!


Apparently a pet peeve of me is overflowing garbage. At one of the vet clinics I work at, they don't do a good job of emptying the garbage. And they tend to be tucked away so not to obvious to the human clients but for crying out loud, if it's overflowing EMPTY IT. It's not that hard to put it in the big can in back.