What is it called when I am afraid that others will harm me until the point where I no longer can function?


I have reached to another answer that really heals me.

I am afraid of others because I internalize what I perceive as their negative beliefs of me. That leads me to try to figure out how to behave, think and feel in order to be safe. Even if I am alone.

The cure. To say that I have this inner critic, not because I need to change or am defective, but because I was traumatized. That negative voice inside me is in it self proof that I went through trauma.

I can grieve that pain. And by grieving, healing.

Much love to all of you, my fellow sufferers ❤️


Hi @AnD, unfortunately I think that our traumas and abuse results in us feeling fear which induces paranoia. Which is horrible to experience. When we feel like this I have to tell myself that these feelings and thoughts are cognitive distortions.