What is the purpose of your life?


First I’d answer with something funny... and then with something sad. Although that order might just be reversed depending on your outlook.

But the truth of it is? I don’t know when I’m going to die, so I can hardly look back and memorialize when the coin is still up in the air. I can really only speak to intent. The words which best shape that were spoken by the daughter of a friend of mine:

‘Find something worth dying for, and figure out a way to live for it.’

Yah. He taught her right.

And I need to be reminded of it, every so often.


‘Find something worth dying for, and figure out a way to live for it.’
Then I am good to go:
survival, reproduction, nurturing, and supporting the next generation.

I suppose the first thing I do when faced with a broken machine is ask: "what does it do?". Then we reverse engineer until we find where it went off the rails and set it back straight.

I am coming out of a period of lack of use, rust, and decay. My newly repurposed life will be spent spoiling grandchildren. Should be a worthwhile use of an old tool like me.


Yes, I too feel like a broken machine or a broken heart, and Idk, so I don't know how to answer.

But I did see something I've seen often, actually, but it never really sank in, the words:

~"to be thankful for one's (my) own unique existence, and for the people I alone can influence for good during my lifetime".

And perhaps even, we don't or won't ever even know who, or how, or why?

Hugs to you @Justmehere . 🤗


At first thinking about this i couldn't think of anything which seemed at the least a bit remiss.

Having thought on it a bit more I remember as a kid thinking when I was really old (like 30 🤣) I would get help and make things right so that I could live my life.

And well I'm long past 30 but it is still a goal and maybe if I think on it more i could even say its my life's purpose.


Each day, each stage of age that I am blessed with, I repurpose. Nothing grand or especially wise but each stage of life presents new opportunities in and of itself in which to allow expression of my resources (health, finances, love, & family support) to be shared as well as receive such gifts.

To deal with our cards that we are randomly dealt, while doing the best that we can with what we hold at that time, is a tribute to our journeys. I truly enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts: great thread.


Hope you find the answers @Justmehere

Today, now.. finding it hard to zoom from microlevel to macrolevel.. somewhere in the deep MY llizard brain wants to say (To myself) it’s biology, reproduction nothing more left and nature doesn’t give a sh** about your interpretations but the fact that I belong to a species that is able to reflect on these themes is also fun and tragic at the same time. For now I’m glad that my brain regions are functioning, I’m mobile and Independent mostly. So what’s the purpose for me? I want to say, I’m taking things as they come for now. Purpose is too grandiose for me, but I admire those who see a purpose for themselves and others.
I think purpose is important for daily motivation, feeling that I've contributed positively and thought not only about my own needs, but the needs of others. I think PTSD reduces our community to those we live with.......and in my case, I call them the Dysfunctionals. They believe they are normal and that I was the odd one, the misfit. But none of us were normal....there was absolutely no community outside the family......others didn't matter to my X...unless they were praising he great seeding job on the lawn, or saying he had the best light display in the neighborhood....he was all about looks and other's thinking he was the best. So to get along, I had only one relationship the husband felt was safe with....others weren't welcomed in the house.

I did have a job outside the home...in the helping profession, and it felt good to help others and see the fruit of my labor. Having purpose gave me a reason to get out of bed, organize ahead of time, be creative in a specific field where I could hone my creative skills (writing, art, music), and without a purpose I wouldn't have gotten outta bed to go be surrounded by the Dysfunctionals. Playing my music for the elderly in a nursing home, collecting needed items for the poor, helping new teachers keep afloat mentally, all those things gave me positive memories.......which helping others has been my purpose.

When I haven't been "withit" my purpose was still never all about me.....moreso was, so I could stay functional. Helping others, making their day a little brighter, gave me a time when I wasn't focused just on trauma, just on meeting my own needs. I think having a purpose often helps us with the social piece many are lacking. Sorry it's so long......