What Is Your Subjective Units Of Distress (suds) Rating Right Now?

Highest today Was about an 8. Since in my personal SUDS scale, a 10 is going through the f*cking trauma the first time, and a 9 is being suicidal, return to cutting myself, on disability and unable to work ... an 8 is about as high as I'll ever rate myself unless I'm back on disability or I'm ever sexually abused/assaulted again.

After A LOT of work on distress tolerance and emo reg, I'm now at about a 4 or 5. I'm pretty proud of myself.


I'm calm about the wrong things so I think eight / 8.9.
It's one bit away from finding them hilarious & the same hilarious as relived which is 9.
Peachy would be peachy, all puns intended. That's some distance / not dissociative-fiiine!-distance.

ms spock

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Self-awareness is critical to PTSD recovery.
10 = Feels unbearably bad, beside yourself, out of control as in a nervous breakdown, overwhelmed, at the end of your rope. You may feel so upset that you don't want to talk because you can't imagine how anyone could possibly understand your agitation.

Ended up here!
3 = Mildly upset. Worried, bothered to the point that you notice it.


1 or 2 right now.

Yesterday it was 1 in the morning and spiked to about a 6 or 7 in the afternoon. I let my thoughts run away with me rather than staying present. Thankfully when i caught it I was able to get down to a 3 or 4. Back to peace this morning. This may be my longest streak of days with a 1 ever! (unless you count the years of 10's lol)