What Is Your Subjective Units Of Distress (suds) Rating Right Now?


Can't scale, but:

Less done, more peachy / the what gets through the cracks is less determined rage, more just all explosive rage. And the underlying grief iced back up, instead of drowning me.

So... 9.7 not 9.8. (9.9 is total calm, 10 is over.)

Waking up spooned with trusted peoples helps lot. Even if I'm wtf??? and takes me a while to figure out.


Well this is an interesting scale. Hmmm. I think a problem I have is I haven’t felt below a four or five since all this started - so that 4 actually feels ‘acceptably good’ to me.

I have no idea what I would have rated pre PTSD regularly but I have always been ‘ a little taut’ and had to maintain awareness of that.

I think something I find scary now is I can escalate from a 4/5 up to an 8/9 rapidly. And then drop again less quickly . It unnerves me. I feel like a horse on a windy day a lot of the time .


Are the events related to November 3rd in America, affecting your SUDS Rating? If so, you are invited to state your baseline rating and your November 3rd rating.

NOTE: This is NOT an attempt to cause a discussion about these events. My purpose is to invite self-reflection and to encourage the use of the SUDS Rating as a means to increase self-awareness.

Be well.

ms spock

I am 7-8 but I am reading David Burns' new book "Feeling Great" which was "Feeling Good" and my goal is to get to 3-4 in the next couple of days. My distorted cognitions have really crept back in, and some of them are sneaky, though I am not feeling good I am getting more and more awareness. I was 90 on the Burns' Depression Test a couple of days ago so I am reading the book and doing the exercises and it will come down.

My partner has been to four specialists and one doctors appointment in two weeks, we have one more specialist on Thursday, after that it's out of my hands, I have done everything possible.