What Is Your Subjective Units Of Distress (suds) Rating Right Now?


42... with chemical assistance. 80+ prior.

I really just need to go DO SHIT; go for a run, beat the hell out of a heavy bag, have mind blowing sex, pick a fight. Which means? This shit is manageable. Even if I ain’t managing it, it IS manageable. Nothing to fret over, just me doing what I do. Too much energy coiled up needing release.

For my next trick? 😉 Minding my P’s & Q’s whilst really just wanting to raise hell & break shit.

it’s not a small trick. Even if frequently performed.



...I just slept for 15+4 hours (slept my normal 4, got up, took a pee, laid back down to try and get another hour or two, and woke up 15 hours later)...

So, unfortunately I’ve got the energy TO be flying apart at the seams.

LeSigh. Just gotta ride it out, until I can lock it down.