What Is Your Subjective Units Of Distress (suds) Rating Right Now?


Self-awareness is critical to PTSD recovery.

Instead of being completely absorbed in our suffering it is helpful to learn to evaluate our subjective states.

"Here is one version of the scale:

10 = Feels unbearably bad, beside yourself, out of control as in a nervous breakdown, overwhelmed, at the end of your rope. You may feel so upset that you don't want to talk because you can't imagine how anyone could possibly understand your agitation.

9 = Feeling desperate. What most people call a 10 is actually a 9. Feeling extremely freaked out to the point that it almost feels unbearable and you are getting scared of what you might do. Feeling very, very bad, losing control of your emotions.

8 = Freaking out. The beginning of alienation.

7 = Starting to freak out, on the edge of some definitely bad feelings. You can maintain control with difficulty.

6 = Feeling bad to the point that you begin to think something ought to be done about the way you feel.

5 = Moderately upset, uncomfortable. Unpleasant feelings are still manageable with some effort.

4 = Somewhat upset to the point that you cannot easily ignore an unpleasant thought. You can handle it OK but don't feel good.

3 = Mildly upset. Worried, bothered to the point that you notice it.

2 = A little bit upset, but not noticeable unless you took care to pay attention to your feelings and then realize, "yes" there is something bothering me.

1 = No acute distress and feeling basically good. If you took special effort you might feel something unpleasant but not much.

0 = Peace, serenity, total relief. No more anxiety of any kind about any particular issue."
Source: Wikipedia

A: What is your SUDS rating right now?
B: What is your lowest SUDS rating in your life?
C: What is your highest SUDS rating in your life?

Feel free to record your SUDS in this thread as often as it is helpful, to track your status and training yourself to self-evaluate.
This is like the happy/sad face physical pain chart at the ER.....does this SUDS chart use the terms "freaking out?" My rating right now is a 0.


Today I'm a 6. It snowed last night and my mom has to drive 3 hours home with no snow tires. Man, I'm really obsessing about her. I ran out of Buspar and I'm waiting for my doc to refill it.


OMG! I slept 5 blissful hours! Tomorrow my meds come! My suds are only 4 today but I have to go to the big town to shop today so who knows what it will be.