What Is Your Subjective Units Of Distress (suds) Rating Right Now?


Has the Xmas season changed your SUDS rating?

Has it been harder to maintain awareness of your rating(and its fluctuations), during the Holiday Season?

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I've never heard of SUDS until now. Using the little chart, I see that I am always at around 5, and this morning I started at a 6 and feel it kind of settling back to 5.


Hello, @Rosebud, I'm not opposed to saying that at the moment my SUDS is ~ 4, and I'd be happy to explain why I don't routinely state my SUDS. I have always wanted this thread to be about the SUDS Rating system and the practice of cultivating self-reflection and not to be some place where I diary my own numbers.

This thread has been my attempt to encourage the development of the self-assessment/self-reflection skill/practice, in this community. I do this b/c these behaviours have been so meaningful in my own life. To date, this thread has been read(in whole or in part) approx. 15 000 times. I think that is meaningful and I hope others do, as well.

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Which is utterly spectacular. My usual off the cuff thinking about what my SUDS is falls in the 7s pretty durn consistently… unless there’s some sort of real life crisis happening… at which point I’m at zip, nada, zilch.

Helluva thing to be gear shifting doooooown without an emergency smoothing things out.