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What Makes You :) Today

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Nice ride @Manonfire ! I've riden my entire life motorcross, endura, road bikes... go take a motorcycle safety course. You will learn how to do important things, very important things. And they will make you do them on your bike. The class is priceless, even for idiots like me that think they know everything.
@CyclePath - Thanks! An yep definitely I'm going to take one first opening for the season which is at the end of the month.
I went out and rode it a bit today not far, an it was pretty sketchy on my poor riding skills. Looking forward to the course for sure.
I'm laughing right now but this guy woke me up this morning with the sound of him crawling on the tent lining.... image000000 (1).jpg
I'm like Mel Gibson in the movie, "The Patriot." I take the husky for a walk and come home with two more on the pack. Plus the invisible black dog on my back.
image000000 (1).jpg
I'm a week away from the big three-oh, and I actually like this aging thing. I'm getting a lot wiser, I'm much better at picking my battles, and I'm a lot calmer than I used to be.

I've definitely chilled the f*ck out over the past few years.
I got my motorcycle license on Saturday.
No more anxiety about police.
I've also decided to grow my beard for a year. Other people will just have to learn to manage their fear.
I know I look crazy or scary or as I've "been through some shit."
But that is the truth and nothing I do can change that.
The best thing next to stressing out and being pissed off is just to find the stupidity hilarious.
I went to visit some caves a couple hours away and it was amazing but before I got there as I was hauling ass on the highway I passed somebody slumped over in the grass off the side of the road. I just saw her hair in buns and decided no way could I just go about my day and not pull over and see if it was a child in need. I turned came back down the highway busted a U-turn and came back. I pulled over and as I approached I noticed it was a woman. She was slumped over giving up in a pile of purses and bags. I asked her if she was alright she said she had too many bags to ride on my bike. I nodded and offered her to use my phone. She made a phone call and her family wasn't helpful. She cried and shared with me her burdens and how she was in the process of leaving an abusive relationship. As I knelt next to her and she cried and told me her situation a police car approached and the officer picked her up and gave her a ride. I continued on my way. Slightly sadenned by her story.

I decided to share this not as bragging points but as a point. Being that despite what you're going through or how you feel, when you go out and follow your path. You might just be that helping hand for another person who's struggling and about to give up. Be the standard. Embody the warrior ethos. My mission is to save the broken and the down trodden along this path.
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