What makes venting healthy? unhealthy?


Can you clarify?
So... being triggered is, by definition, an overreaction. Like seeing a carrot and diving across the table to kill the person with the carrot. The reaction? Makes NO sense in context of what’s actually happening. It’s just a carrot. Held by someone who only wants a carrot. But we’re responding as if the person with the carrot is someone else, at some other time and place. As if -clearly- first a carrot, then a backhand across the face followed by being strangled and beaten. For an unrelated matter, or maybe the carrot wasn’t cooked right. Who knows. For whatever reason TheBrain has decided that a carrot means fight-or-flight, kill-or-be-killed, REDALERT!

Removed the triggered reaction? Is there anything else going on?

Sometimes there is. Sometimes it’s a really serious issue at hand. Or middling. Or minor. But there’s something else going on. In addition to being triggered.

Sometimes there was just a well meaning person trying to eat their veggies.

If you remove the overreaction ... what else is/was going on that needs -or wants- addressing?


So... being triggered is, by definition, an overreaction.

Please tell this to the rest of the internet! I seriously have to ignore the terms “triggered” and “triggering” etc when I’m anywhere else but here because it’s become something that means “anything that makes me uncomfortable in the slightest”.