What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


Love that song Get Lucky @MrMoonlight can't resist funky pop music 😊 Added it to my playing - I'm using YouTube music on my phone, used to be I had iTunes on my PC and I'd create playlists. Before that even it was mix tapes. Recording my fav songs off the radio then creating mix tapes. Used to love that.

Until recently I'd create playlists, a new one every few months. But since having my car, I've wanted much longer playlists so I'm not listening to the same thing all the time when driving.

So I've got a "Long" playlist, and choose it to shuffle from it so I get a variety. Got about 800 songs on it. Add to it Alltwen time.

Nice to be interested in music more again.

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Love to T...sometimes those pop songs get me going too...start tapping something and it won't stop.lol

I use Amazon music for my playlists and music ...

I'm in the garage about to start my boxing workout...