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I used to drink sodas as my main source of hydration for much of my life - and was never taught of the consequences of my innards. Not my best choice, by far. Then I switched to the diet versions thinking I was making a much healthier choice. Then I learned about artificial sweeteners and holy chemical shit storm.

I remember happening upon this remake of a soda commercial back in 2016 - and was reminded of it today. If only my mind and body could have been influenced by more genuinely nourishing things rather than the endless marketing attempts that repeatedly convinced me I needed what they were selling. I no longer consume them, but I'm certain that on a cellular level, many of my past choices still consume me.



but I'm certain that on a cellular level, many of my past choices still consume me
My mom was on the team that “invented” aspartame. IE isolated it.

You know “all” it is? The chemical that’s created when one adds milk to bananas. Her team lead was curious about WTF it was sweeter adding milk to bananas, which was a common break time snack at the time, than eating either milk or bananas alone (synergistic 1+1=7)

Know what it DOES?

Yep. It’s zero calories.

It ALSO makes cell membranes less permeable. (Over time. IE Decades, before the effects are felt.) Which not only makes a person hungrier, as cells are crying out for the nutrients they can’t absorb... more than negating the zero calorie effect for most people... but it. Makes. Cell. Membranes. Less. Permeable. Less able to get oxygen & nutients. Less able to send/receive messages to nearby cells to self destruct (we usually have a few hundred cancerous cells in us, at any given time. What makes cancer cancer? That response gets shut off. So the cancerous cell and all nearby cells don’t self destruct in order to protect others, and the cancer spreads). And a hundred other things. Like fat cells releasing fat. And any cell being delivered iron, oxygen, protein, sugar, antibodies, etc.

Milk & Bananas (any time one adds milk to cereal with half a banana they’re cresting the amount of aspartame found in about 50 diet Cokes), and anything containing aspartame, are really things to avoid eating.

Wacky thing to note? INCLUDING every nut “milk” I know of. Aspartame is a side effect of adding certain sugars and proteins together. Bananas and anything “creamy” is -rule of thumb- bad for you. But bananas and sugars? (Bananas and rice, most commonly) make certain nutrients bioavailable that otherwise we’d just piss out. Eating bananas and rice, together? Creates a nutritional smorgasbord of trace minerals and nutrients.

My mom’s team had no idea that bananas+milk would be zero calories. Much less that it would storm the soda / “diet” world. It wasn’t even a passion-project, per se. Just a “Huh. That’s odd. I wonder what is happening chemically to make milk & bananas so sweet?” It took decades before the long term effects were understood.

Conversely? There are certain times when we WANT cell membranes to be less permeable. So there may well come a time when, instead of packets on coffee tables/microdosing our whole bodies with the stuff, aspartame is used as a medicine, targeted macro/megadoses to protect cells at risk of exposure from toxic substance. Like radiation & chemo treatments, or pollutants.
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Snort. Tens of thousands of service members & their families, aid workers, & journalists are affected by Agent Orange & Gulf War Syndrome for DECADES… but a couple hundred politicians get laid low with who the f*ck knows what… and OMG, it took the govt. a whole tour to step up??? The. Unbridled. Horror. Of. It.
Far too many 'Havana Syndrome' victims have had to battle the bureaucracy to receive care for their debilitating injuries. American personnel who have undergone these attacks while serving our country should be treated the same way we would treat a soldier who suffered a traumatic injury on the battlefield," Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a coauthor of the bill, said in a statement.
Check check. Call them -and treat them like- piece of shit malingering liars, and cut them off from all benefits, so they can spend a lifetime fighting for even the most basic of services? Oh. Wait. You DONT mean treat them like soldiers. You mean treat them like people who know people, and have the political juice to increase their already amazing benefits into even better ones. Okay.

I actually LIKE the vast majority of people in the State Dept. I know. And I certainly don’t fault them for pulling every string at their disposal to help themselves and their friends out. It’s the only way to get shit done, regardless of what level you’re talking about. I’m just irritated at politicians rubbing the Rambo cock to justify it.
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