What was the most interesting item(s) in your newsfeeds today?


Watching the doco Mirror Mirror about body image. The modern mirror was only created in 1835!

10 hours later, I still can't wrap my head around that.

My pdoc would have it that its diagnostically interesting that when I look in the mirror, I often don't recognise who I'm looking at. But hey ho, doctor - it's hardly 'natural' neuropathically for a person to look into a device that's existed for less than 200 years and be able to do the mental backflip required to not only be able to identify "that's me", but even further, "that's the person I feel like inside".🤔

Tornadic Thoughts

This is a few years old, but it was shared with me today. Not that I'm comforted by their solutions. I remember the lengths I had to go to in trying to rid of the used/new-to-me car smell, which was even worse after the dealership used all of their strong smelling cleaners to clean the inside, to shampoo the carpet, deodorize it, armour all it, etc.

Holy headache from hell, and heart palpitations, and burning nose/throat/eyes, cough that wouldn't stop, sinus drainage that wouldn't stop, major brain fog, etc. that lasted for days, and then fired back up with every trip in the car. This sea of tox-sick-city we are swimming in ain't no damn joke. The use of fragranced products is a choice, but the adverse reactions to it are not.

However, because this system requires special software and specific air quality sensors, it only works when fitted to an autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle. But why did Ford file this patent in the US if it's aimed at Chinese customers? Because the VOCs also contain chemical compounds that can be bad for your health, potentially causing dizziness, headaches and, worst of all, cancer (although that's the most extreme and rare outcome). Now that those VOCs have been isolated, Ford can apply that knowledge to benefit human health. So imagine this future scenario: a self-driving car's sensors could detect too many VOCs for comfort and could drive itself to a sunny spot, roll down the windows, and remove some of that smell.


I was busy feeling terrible then someone on social media said the Queen just died. I find this tread cool, I'll visit it regulary