Medical When a doctor runs over “no”... how to trust new doctors?

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It was a very mixed experience. The MA was really weirdly confrontational.

I validated the doc and imaging are awesome. And the problems. In full. She heard me out.

Doc gave me what I needed, and a means to handle all care and even scheduling via direct messaging with her. She even heard me out on the reality that hit me as I sat there: I have a physical disability that is visible, and while it doesn’t slow me down, I do get the occasional parental response to being visibly disabled. That might have played a role. Annnnd the snark and mishandling of the mistake by talking down to me like a confused 2 year old didn’t exactly distance the simple mistake further from the very tangled and too recent history of unwanted sterilizations for people with disabilities. It didn’t reassure me I had agency and voice over my own body, which is what I’m sure the doc wanted.

Doc did admit multiple mistakes were made and she understands why I would not feel safe to do any procedures. Ya think? Sigh.

I got the orders I needed for imaging and plan for access that would avoid all the snarky jerks.

Better than expected results.


Yes! Yay! Way to go you! Well done!

....And you got what you wanted, on top of that! :D

Medical politics is not unlike govt. politics... and YOU just slayed the dragon and walked out victorious.

Take a bow, shake your ass, buff those nails on your shirt, and congratulate yourself for a job well done. :sneaky: You did it.
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