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When is enough enough?



At what point do you say enough is enough?
I’ve been with my partner for 11 years, I’m now 39. He’s my soulmate. He was diagnosed with ptsd last year. To cut a very long story short - this last 2 years have been insanity - and I’m not saying that lightly. He is getting treatment, which has uncovered a whole load of stuff. But I’m now being pushed too far. This summer, honestly I thought I was going to loose my mind he pushed me that far. I’ve given him all my money I’m 2 months away from bankruptcy. Our house is so messy - it’s unliveable and has been like this for maybe 3 years. No one can visit us because it’s beyond messy and dirty. The living room is out of action, even though I spent a fortune on a new sofa and decorating it for him to feel more cosey. I’ve had to spend the last 3 months back at my parents to give him space - and every time I try and clean the house, gently ask him to sort it, provide solutions for moving forward, he just takes things out on me. Says he can’t do anything with me in the house … all the while we live in an absolute shit hole, inside and outside the house. I’ve had enough. What should I do? I’ve no money left to move out, and at 39 really don’t want me to moving back to my parents
At what point do you say enough is enough?
I'd say it sounds like it's enough.

Kick them out?
And yup, I agree. If he's that dysfunctional, he needs to go. And it may be the wake up call that he needs, to turn his life around. With or without you.

Is him getting inpatient treatment somewhere an option? Maybe get him to go there and then make it clear the therapists there need to help him to find a new place to live because he can't come back home.