Why do I actively seek things out that are triggering??



I think seeking out things concerning the trauma is natural, I would read books about people who had been through the same experience as I have. It was the only type of books I read over an year after it happened. For me it helped to understand what I was going through and I don’t think it’s a negative thing as long as you eventually stop. I also have control issues and for me it was a form of feeling like I was in control. Not sure why, but it helped.


I have done this too. Used to read about and watch footage of the traumatic events...over and over and over...Not sure if I was numb and trying to feel or if I was trying to dissociate. I must have been numb some of those times...


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When we become triggered; is it percieved as normal to climb on a carrosel and spend around and around and around until we grab a book, a movie, or some form of music to jump oFF that mental circle?

It's going to take a highly trained, loving person to walk through these exercises I found while dating someone. The book is called Conscious Loving by Dr. HENDRICKS. The exercises, if done properly,.could create great trust which I feel is imperative to walk through our trauma and get to the otherside!