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He has filed false charges against me so legally I now have no rights until I clear my name.
Once these things get momentum they can get hard to slow down. Especially if you're trying to do that alone.

I really like the idea of speaking to his CO. They need to know how unwell he is right now, but quite apart from that, you need people who care about him involved. So that they can support him, try and get the help he needs, and slow the momentum against you.

It is definitely time to speak to a lawyer. If you have a womens DV organisation, or a womens legal service in your area, they should be able to give you the names of lawyers that deal with this stuff day in, day out.

He's kidnapped your son, and I can't imagine how stressful that be. But now isn't the time to stop and wait for processes to take their course, now is the time to take as much rational action you can to bring things back to normal. Your son must be very frightened. Do everything you can, recruit as much help as you can, to normalise this situation asap.


@Trist67 I just want to send you a :hug: I do hope you get a lawyer. You have the proof that your not the reason your husband has PTSD. You have poof of all the people you have asked for help and you also have poof from your sons school. You have all that proof to show CPS your husband is lying. Please move forward and take the steps you need for you and your son. I understand you love your husband and you know at the moment he’s ill. But that doesn’t excuse his behaviour.
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