News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


Would that anti-V/M/E patient even give a crap if a paramedic and a newborn caught covid because they chose not to take a simple precaution?
A baby dying is entirely ok with them and a paramedic getting sick? Well you are just part of the lie so you don't matter.
That's why so many medical staff are refusing to get vaccinated.
They simply don't care about others if it's going to inconvenience them or if they are "told they have to"

This entire CF has been a huge, ugly look at the sheer selfishness of people
What really pisses me off is if they are that insistent that the vaccine is dangerous then they should be wearing masks and getting tested weekly to make sure they aren't endangering others.
Don't want the shot? No problem --- but you must take some individual responsibility to makes sure you aren't a threat to others.

But nope. They won't do that either - because it's inconvenient.

If I could have my way they would be denied access to medical care until everyone else is served. No more telling cancer patients they can't get treatment because all the nurses are tied up in the ICU or flying a non covid patient clear across the state to find an open icu bed because all of the local ones are tied up with these idiots. Not getting vaccinated was their choice - they need to own it. Others shouldn't have to pay the price for their actions. And yes, before you ask, I feel the same way about drunk drivers. Choices have actions. You make a choice you deal with the outcome.

And ya - I do get that it makes me look just as ugly as they are. Because I'm tired and frustrated and angry that these people are willing to let an 8 day old baby die, just so they don't have to wear a mask.


In my county, we are still at very high risk. Since our "constitutional" sheriff told the FBI to stay out of our county, none of the mandates are being followed. I don't think he understands government. Anyway, I was at the store yesterday checking out and I was easily the only one wearing a mask. the store employees were wearing masks under their mouths and noses so the could be "compliant" with the law. The elderly woman behind me, not wearing a mask, was telling the checker that her doctor had put her on quarantine with the "fake" virus. "When was this?", asked the cashier. "Yesterday", said the woman. I of course went into freeze mode and stood there looking like an idiot. She was willing to infect everyone she came in contact with to flaunt her carelessness. So I guess I have to quarantine now.


So....guy posts on facebook that he cant understand why the only people that are getting covid are the ones who aren't vaccinated. Why, he asks, is covid targeted towards them?
Government conspiracy at it's best.
facebook that he cant understand why the only people that are getting covid are the ones who aren't vaccinated.

^I love this 🤣

Some religious ideals are floating to the top of reasons not to be vac'd or not to wear masks. Someone told me a short story I would like to share:

A man lived in a house and there came a flood.
He climbed onto the roof to stay above the water level.

A boat with rescuers came along and said, "Hey we are here to save you - jump in"

The man said, "No.. I don't need boats and people to save me, God will save me"

So the boat with the rescuers went away.

The flood waters kept rising, so the man climbed even higher up on the roof of his house.

The next day another boat with rescuers came along and said, "Hey we are here to save you - jump in'.
The man scoffed at them and said, "No, no I don't need you and your boats, go away, God will save me".
So the boat with the rescuers rowed away.

The flood waters rose so high that the man could not climb higher and he drowned.

When the man arrived in Heaven, frustrated and disappointed, he said to God, "Hey God, what's going on, I waited and waited for you to save me and you let me die, why did you not save me?"

God spoke, "What do you mean I tried twice, sending boats to take you to safety, and you said no and sent them away. How many boats must I send?"

My apologies if I do not have this story entirely accurate. I am not sure where it came from but it is meaningful. It was said to me rather than something I read. I hope it is something you can pass on to those who reject safety in this pandemic.

How many boats must I send?


Going for my 'booster shot tomorrow .People aren't lining up like they did for the first shots.

One of my favorite resturaunts owner and family are anti vaxxers and work without face masks or gloves. You stand in line and they prepare your choices. Nope.

I stopped going there when they stopped taking personal protection steps the first time around. I refused to have a conversation about it . I just stopped going.

People can be as ignorant as they chose to be. That is a ' herd mentality' I'm not going to be a part of.

The anti conversation is boring and stupid. I have enough " stupid" in my life without burning my eardrums out hearing nonsense.

Mask wearing Texan going for her 3rd shot!!


Apparently my mum got tested for covid for the first time today (post holiday routine test). She's been boasting that she hasn't needed tested til now, which uh isn't great cos she's def been exposed numerous times.

N she made me test her n sucked on the swab. Despite clear instructions. So she's still not been accurately tested...


Got my COVID booster shot today. Had no problems at all with the first two. Hope it remains the same.

i dunno whats true here but seems like western civilized worlds might be in for some culture shock.

old precedents will be challenged.
its still a big f*cking deal btw- the rights to decide what happens to your own body, being challenged atm.

could end not so well, particularly for women, who have challenged the status quo prior to now.

just gonna throw a good luck out there for ya.

for all of us really.

its .... well, theres a lot of white old men that would go backwards if they could- and vaccine compliance may just be the last thing that lets them....