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Everybody around here is acting like we are back to 2018 or 19. No masks, no social distancing. It blows my mind. The company I work for (which is at the forefront of this whole COVID battle) requires vaccines and doesn't allow anyone to be onsite if they are having any symptoms, but dropped masking requirements. Attendance at meetings and events require a negative test, and folks who are unable to vaccinate have to do a negative daily test.

And still, I feel like we are not doing enough.
I went for my booster jab yesterday. Place looked pretty busy so hopefully people are getting the message now and there were quite a few getting their first jab who looked like they'd put it off for quite a while.

New restrictions are coming into place next week, just in time for Christmas, so its back to working from home for those who can, vaccine passports and/or negative tests for events, etc and already people are asking for the furlough to be bought back.

With the double whammy of restrictions and Christmas I'm waiting for the panic buying to start again.


I got my booster a few weeks ago. For such a small rural town they outdo themselves to provide different locations for the vaccines to be given. Went to the library yesterday and the parking lot is full. I forgot they were giving booster shots there. I still wear a mask everywhere and glad I do. I was wading thru lines of people who did not have masks on and not observing distancing.

I had one lady grab me by the arm telling me I couldn't break in line!! I jerked my arm back and told her I was using the library to return books and get new ones. Told her I had my booster three weeks ago!!! The shots were being given in the community room, not the library itself.

It was a bit unorganized but there was a fair amount of people. Around 100.

I have had no side effects from any of the shots but this last time, damn but my arm was sore the next day!!! But other than that, it's all good.


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I got my booster a few weeks ago. It was a half dose, so no side effects. We’ll see what happens with my next period. My mom pretty much said I was a liar when I told her the jabs really messed up my cycle. She said it was just a bunch of crap made up on the internet. The next time she’s in pain I’ll tell her to suck it up because there haven’t been any double blind studies to prove what she’s feeling is real. She says it’s because she’s a skeptic. I say nah, it’s because you’re stubborn and need an excuse to be argumentative. I swear the woman would disagree with me if I said the sky was blue.
I had a sore arm after my booster. I also have a slightly raised temp and a blocked nose, but I think that's more down to the fact I had to walk a distance in Storm Barra to get to the centre and, because I can't walk very far or fast, I got soaked, very cold, and exhausted. Then had to get back home retracing my route to get home. They insisted that the venue had disabled access, it did, but they didn't say it was a long walk from the car park.

If it hadn't been for one of the volunteers shielding me with his coat as we walked, I would have been hypothermic by the time I got to the door.


Yeah, can't help wondering if we'll be getting a new government soon. I think the Christmas party (or should that be parties) were one major mess up too far.
Then bojo illegally announcing restrictions for England as a distraction, hah. (They can't be done in press shit, gotta go through parliament and blahblah).

Doesn't affect me massively cos I'm in Sturgeon territory, but yah, I don't think there's much respect for the government left around the UK this week.
Another couple of government resignations this week, rumours of a 2 week lockdown after Christmas (so they can get all the departmental parties in first?), calls for furlough (again) and a record number of positive tests two days running.

And they want to wait another week before discussing a lockdown.....