News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


It was never going away. From the start there was never any talk, or belief from the scientific community that it was going to go away.
It was always going to end as a 'seasonal cold' eventually.

The reason for restrictions and lockdowns was/is to minimize the amount of deaths and not overwhelm healthcare systems so they can minimize the amount of deaths.

The end goal has always been herd immunity- whether through vaccines or naturally.

If omicron is what they say- faster moving, less severe outcomes, then it could very well be the start of the end of this. TBD as omicron makes it's ways into the rest of the world.


Policy Enforcement
It's not useful or productive for me to share what I think about the pandemic, or how people are responding to it, but I do find my own response to Covid curious.

On the one hand, it trips an assortment of issues I have. For example, I don't do well with chaos and feeling trapped. My friends joke that my entire life is on a spreadsheet. Covid has basically flamethrowered that. I also tend to hew towards conspiracy theories because a conspiracy means that what's happening isn't chaos, but planned. And if something is planned by someone else, I can make a plan to counter their plans. Etc etc.

On the other hand, it's a real big, scary, thing that everyone is struggling with. So when I struggle with it, I know that I'm being rational and not self-gaslighting. Some of the coping strategies I developed when I was a child are actually useful and appropriate with Covid. ie: Can you really be too vigilant during a pandemic?

On a third hand, I'm weirdly more Zen about it than many (most?). Perhaps it's because I have more practice with grand sources of dread and managing those feelings. Who knows? But it does feel good to be a source of calm for others.

One of the significant dangers for me is isolation, and it's a challenge to understand when I'm isolating to follow protocols, and when I'm isolating in unhealthy ways.


Its time to learn to live with it since its not going away.

I agree, it's not going away. And there will be other pandemics in the future.

But I'm not sure that it's a binary thing of: we have some restrictions in place (whether that's mask wearing, mini lockdowns/'circuit breaks', social distancing, reducing the number of people we mix with etc at times) or 'we learn to live with' the virus.
We are all living with it. We have been for almost two years.

Perhaps having flexibility to up restrictions when needed for acute periods and relaxing them when not is a way that we continue to live with it, learning more as we go, developing more effective treatments and responses along the way.


i find myself wondering if covidic anxiety needs to be broken out as a separate disorder. an opportunistic infection? whichever side of the covid divide you are on, the anxiety is equally contagious and virulent. perhaps even proof that similarities cause more problems than differences? just wondering. . .

for certain, the social anxieties i feel here in coronaville feel like a horse of a different color from the social anxieties i felt as a child prostitute attempting to fit in at the public schools. good thing psychotherapy proved ineffective for the social distancing skills i learned as a child prostitute. those skills have proved downright handy during this new normal. alas, i'm going to need a space ship to increase my social distances any further.


Covid has officially impacted my family. My brother in law's sister passed away on Wednesday from Covid complications.

She was an elementary school teacher and one of her students came to class sick. She was home sick for a week and my sister convinced her to call an ambulance. We never saw her again. Within days she was on 24 hour dialysis and intubated.

I knew if she were to get Covid she probably wouldn't survive. She was extremely obese, had high blood pressure and diabetes.....She was vaccinated.

They have been in our family for 35 years. Her children are in college. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. She was my sister and will forever be missed. 💔
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