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I have been vaccinated twice, I've had my booster shot, flu shot, and a few years ago, pneumonia shot. So, I am set. I am still wearing my mask into the stores and keeping a 6-foot distance between me and others. I do not go out to eat at restaurants.

I have lung disease and heart disease and do not want to die. esp not alone without loved ones there with me. The idea of being hooked up to a ventilator scares me, as a lot of people who are placed on a ventilator don't ever come off of it. I'd rather suffer a few inconveniences. The flu shot hurt my arm. I had no symptoms with the vaccines.


^I love this 🤣

Some religious ideals are floating to the top of reasons not to be vac'd or not to wear masks. Someone told me a short story I would like to share:

A man lived in a house and there came a flood.
He climbed onto the roof to stay above the water level.

A boat with rescuers came along and said, "Hey we are here to save you - jump in"

The man said, "No.. I don't need boats and people to save me, God will save me"

So the boat with the rescuers went away.

The flood waters kept rising, so the man climbed even higher up on the roof of his house.

The next day another boat with rescuers came along and said, "Hey we are here to save you - jump in'.
The man scoffed at them and said, "No, no I don't need you and your boats, go away, God will save me".
So the boat with the rescuers rowed away.

The flood waters rose so high that the man could not climb higher and he drowned.

When the man arrived in Heaven, frustrated and disappointed, he said to God, "Hey God, what's going on, I waited and waited for you to save me and you let me die, why did you not save me?"

God spoke, "What do you mean I tried twice, sending boats to take you to safety, and you said no and sent them away. How many boats must I send?"

My apologies if I do not have this story entirely accurate. I am not sure where it came from but it is meaningful. It was said to me rather than something I read. I hope it is something you can pass on to those who reject safety in this pandemic.

How many boats must I send?

The version I heard was a little different.

The first time someone throws a rope. The water isn’t that high, but he can’t escape on his own.

The second time someone comes in a boat. The water is a bit higher now.

The third time he’s on the top of his roof and the water is rough. A helicopter comes and he refuses.

ms spock

They just dropped the mask mandate here when we have three exposure sites around us. It was a mistake, they didn't know it was going to happen this way. We had decided to continue wearing masks anyway, because you never really know where it will pop up. Which was lucky because they are all places we usually go, but didn't in the last two weeks.

The problem was all the 1a people with disabilities that were quietly dropped off by the government, this came out in the senate, and how vaccination supply has been an issue for quite a few people. They shouldn't have opened up until everyone had a chance to get vaccinated, especially high risk with disabilities. In our area one couple I had their AZ cancelled 3 times due to a lack of supply and another couple had their appointments cancelled 6 times due to a lack of supply of AZ which according to the media there was an abundant supply everywhere. Not everyone lives in a major capital city.

I was double vaccinated in August. I was told at first I would have to wait three months beyond that. I was able bodied and had a car, Internet and was able to travel. There's been a lot of social injustice in lack of access to vaccines for a whole lot of folks.


i think my areas at 86% for first dose
82% for second
but that was a couple weeks ago

i stopped watching case numbers regularly last december
just added more stress that i dont need

theres still a mask mandate here
but my parents, driving down thru the states said once they crossed the border, nobody was wearing masks.

kinda weird but again, i dont know numbers
they seem happy about it anyways


my ex said they extended the mandatory vaccine for healthcare workers here by another month
seems they dont really wanna lay off 27,000 front line workers.....

and she said two provinces dropped their mandatory vaccine for healthcare workers all together
shes also a conspiracist so...... i expect 95% of what she says to be bs


Its funny how covid really isn't even a news story right now in my area. Sure, they mention it here and there, but it's not the constant "breaking news!" cycle that it used to be. I guess once 700,000 people die because of politics it no longer really qualifies as a story anymore. Now it's just a way of life 🥺
It hasn't been big news in the area I live in for a very long time either, although for us I think it's for the opposite reason. I live in the island state of Tasmania in Australia, so we are somewhat conveniently geographically isolated, which has made it a lot easier to keep covid controlled and out of our state. However, our borders are due to open back up mid December when we will hopefully have reached a 90% vaccination rate, so it could all change very soon!

ms spock

I've been following child deaths and illness, people with disabilities deaths and illnesses from the beginning, Delta changed things significantly, pretty gutted that Australia is letting it spread among 5-11 year olds when if the government had procured it we could be vaccinating now. It would have been worth letting the kids having a long holiday and going back uninfected next year. My psychiatrist said she's appalled that they could do this bad a job. So I kind of give up with it all now. They've got the 15 pediatric Long Covid wards in England, and 50% of kids in the hospital in some US states have no pre-existing conditions. Prof Raina MacIntyre put on so much information in professional development in April 2020 and as we all know taking things in, processing and changing is really hard when you want to, and when you don't want to or are overwhelmed you just give up. So good news one of my friends had decent exposure to an unlinked infection and double vaxxed and wearing a mask she came back negative. She has a one year old so that was such a relief for her she was terrified. I was really relieved about that. I joined a group of teachers and parents, that is using Freedom of Information to get hold of the clusters in the schools and all the school closures in NSW and Victoria, we probably won't be able to cut through the Murdoch media, but they are practical, small, hand made things that I can do. I think if you don't have many friends overseas that have lost folks and had family and friends left barely able to move, it's so far removed from you. I so feel for the parents of small children who are so busy parenting/working/managing and those whose first language is not English, who may have no idea of what is going on. My Indian friends have seen the small children suffocate to death in the hospital car parks due to the hospitals closing down as the health system being overwhelmed. The hospital literally closed its doors. The rates of deaths of children are much higher in 2nd and 3rd world countries than 1st world countries, as it well known. I have had such a scraping myself off the ground type of the year, so following this wasn't the best, but it was fascinating to see how countries covered the pandemic and how different populations reacted and didn't react. Those countries that banned misinformation didn't have the poor mental health outcomes and a lot less spread as well. Where the politicians stood aside and said nothing and left it to the medical professions, the populations were reacted very differently to where the it was politicized. I was fasincated that Singpore's "Living with Covid" was stricter than Australia's "lockdown", in Singapore every child 6 and over work masks indoors and outdoors at all times, they have mechanical ventilation of many times, you have to be vaccinated to go anywhere and be involved in so many activities, whereas Australia is still discussing if it's airborne in some mznxckndnf sections of our community. I am trying to focus on something else because facing the sheer stupidity of what is happening is overwhelming, you can fight against evil but I don't know what do with stupidity.


Australia is letting it spread among 5-11 year olds when if the government had procured it we could be vaccinating now.
This is wildly inaccurate.

There are a whole range measures in place across the country to reduce the spread of Covid in the community. That doesn't currently include vaccinating children, because the data on safety is still light on the ground.

But that's a faaaar cry from "letting it spread", as parents who have done months of home-schooling while holding down full time employment will atest to.

ATAGI has delayed the approval of vaccinations in children under 12, probably till early 2022 (that is, a few months from now). They've only just received data from the US (where just shy of 1 million children have now been vaccinated) about the safety and appropriate dosage for children. There hasn't been sufficient data on vaccination safety jn children till now - the US has been vaccinating children under emergency approval, which ATAGI hasn't been willing to do here, because our serious illness rates don't warrant the risk.

we probably won't be able to cut through the Murdoch media
Yeah, damn "mainstream media"🤦🏼‍♀️

Instead of leaning into the vax conspiracies? Go straight to the source of data, before media (and conspiracy theorists) get a chance to put their spin on it. ATAGI is releasing data on illness rates (and severity), including in schools, on a very regular basis. See, from November, their information here. 'Mainstream Media' hype and paranoia need not apply👍
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WHO declared B.1.1.529 a "variant of concern" and gave it the Greek name Omicron. I am hoping not but this variant seems to have jumped the fence and escaped already. It is Hong Kong and several countries. Just when the world was starting to open up, airlines are cancelling flights to known places where the variant has been identified.

Imo so many differences in this new variant (30) that if we didn't know it's origins we'd call this a new virus altogether.

Here we go again?



He explained that scientists had picked up more than 30 changes just to the spike protein, 10 of which could alter the part of the virus that binds to human cells.

The Beta variant had three mutations to this part, and Delta just two, he said.

What's worrying about this is that vaccines — our best defence against COVID-19 — work by teaching our body to recognise and disable these parts of the virus.


Boo. 😖