You Know You Have PTSD When...


Its quarter past one in the morning. You are pulled from a deep sleep by a repugnant odour. You awake to discover that the miscreant rescue dog has smeared her faeces across the walls and carpet of your upstairs landing.

Dopey with sleep you wonder how to start cleaning this, when your husband calls from downstairs that its every where down stairs too.

Cold hard clarity hits in as you wake up fully then realise ..

It was 1.15 in the morning and You were successfully deeply asleep! What a win!


...when you become disabled with c-PTSD and find it is one of the best things that has ever happened to you.

*(because of receiving disability benefits, I can focus on healing and improving my quality of life, Before, I had no medical insurance and only partial access to recovery/healing programs).


......when someone else suffers a similar trauma to you and you're mentally and physically screwed for days
--In. Freaking. Deed. (even fictional portrayals if too realistic or flippant)

.......when stress related heartburn is your new normal
Swap heartburn and being surprised by migraines or muscle spasms and i'm with ya.

.......when a fictional character losing a loved one is like a dagger to the heart
Look, we're just not going to mention being blindsided by literally ALL of that stupid disney movie Encanto, all right? Watch that BS with your in-laws by surprise while in another town and relating a bit too hard to what you're sure your sibling-in-law's adopted (vanity) son must be dealing with at the same time (in the same room!) and trying to keep your trap shut. It makes for a fascinating week or so of residual weirdness for you and those in your orbit.

.......when Jeffrey Dhamer show is light entertainment
I have a non-PTSD friend nowadays who is otherwise very similar to me as far as entertainment tastes go. We recommend Netflix to each other a lot. I am frequently surprised at what's "too much" for her or my horror-fan spouse. I do have a hard time believing it is just me or mostly due to PTSD. But i may have a slightly miscalibrated Nope Meter, I guess. Horror stuff or a lot of true crime sometimes is a "well, at least that's not my story, so it can't have been that big of a deal" thing.
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