You Know You Have PTSD When...


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You know you have PTSD when...

1. You are triggered by wild animal documentaries.

2. Grocery shopping feels like an episode of 'Total Wipeout'.

3. Your job feeds into your hypervilligence but its the only place you truly feel in control.

4. Group conversations leave you disoriented.

5. You laugh at horror movies.

6. You love nature, but the woods leave too many places for boogeymen to hide, and the prairie lands are just too open.

7. You wake up screaming at least every other week.

8. You have to call in sick on those mornings.

9. You then top your daily meds off with alcohol or weed and hide under the covers all day.

10. Your dog is the only true comfort you can find.
This reminds me.. I really need to get a dog.