You Know You've Been Dissociating/being Absent Minded When...


When you totally know about the traffic. And getting someone elses to safety. And who was looking at who and wearing what. And the timing of their moves. And the obsidian and carneol rings they were wearing.

... But what you had for dinner in peace five minutes ago remains a mystery. Emergencies make sense.

Whats my name

When you are at work and your get ready to close up park goes off and you just got there. You check the time clock -shows you’ve been there for 4 hours. Wait my boss told me to do something before I left.....dammit. What was it? Did I do it? Wait what have I done or not done in he last four hours? Holy hell how is it that I’m not fired yet?


There’s so much stuff that’s just so hard to describe. The other day I couldn’t figure out my own train of thought. I was thinking what am I supposed to be thinking about right now? What thoughts am I supposed to be putting into order? I took out my phone and opened the browser and went into google. Right what am I supposed to be googling? I’m I seriously trying to google my own thoughts? Yes...that’s what I’m trying to do.

My partner walks in says I thought you were making us a cup of tea. That doesn’t seem like the thing I was supposed to be thinking about just something I was forgetting to do. I’m sure I’m supposed to be worrying about something right now what is it? Opens google we’ve been through this already that won’t work. *Makes tea leaves it sitting in the counter* 2 hours later...I’m thirsty and I think I should be worried about something.


When I make mac and cheese I forgot the noodles were cooking, and they got overdone....a layer stuck to the bottom of the pan. Then I suddenly realize I need milk. I put the mac and cheese in the oven for the cheese to melt, run to the store which is 3 min away, buy milk, come home planning to add milk. The phone rings...I answer it and after a couple minutes, begin something else on the computer. I smell done mac and cheese. The closed carton of milk is still on the counter and I think to myself, darn, forgot to add milk.... this will be dry mac and cheese. I put a little on a plate, head to the other room to sample, kinda dry. I play Candy Crush, take meds, go to bed and wake up forgetting to put the mac and cheese and milk in the refrigerator, and in the morning I realize I have to toss both.


I checked all my meds bottles to see what needed refilling. I found 2 that needed it, called them in to the pharmacy and went to bed or something. The next day I found another bottle that needed to be refilled, the one I keep elsewhere from where most of my meds stay. OK, I forgot about that one.

So the day comes to fill my weekly meds box comes, and I find that 2 more meds need to be refilled! How did I miss 2? I mean, I could have missed 1, but 2? I had to have been "out to lunch" when I was checking the bottles. That is all I can figure.

So, of course, I had no ride to the pharmacy that day, so I had to walk there and back. Not one of my better days. especially since I am sick with a sinus infection.