You Know You've Been Dissociating/being Absent Minded When...

Med compliance has always been a struggle for me, mostly in the morning where I get distracted and forget. Mid day meds throw me off bigtime, I do better with just morning and bedtime. I set an alarm to remind me in the morning, the bedtime I take just before bed. But if my sleep is chaotic then compliance is very hard. Good regular sleep seems to be critical for my other meds to work and keep me even. I use an organizer to be able to see if I forgot a dose.


When you take a short walk and end up in a strange place, not remembering how the hell you got there. And when you check the time and realize it must have been much more than a short walk. AND when you have to turn on the google map on your phone to get back home.
When your partner confides in you, and you turn off in the beginning with a sudden wake up when he wants to hear your opinion about his experience. And you don't know how to explain that you didn't register his words and it is absolutely not because you don't care.
When the lady in the office gets mad because you ask her the same question three times and still do not remember the answer.
When you visit your mum and hear "wth are you doing?!" at least 10 times per day and leaving your phone in the fridge is one of the least hardcore things you are able to do :confused:
When you are in the middle of your utterance and suddenly forget what you were talking about; when you try so hard to remember and discover an enormous black hole in your mind.


*Goes to bed*, did I set my alarm? Shit where is my phone?
*gets out of bed finds phone, back in bed*
damn I need to pee *goes for pee, back in bed*
OMG where did I put my phone this time? *out of bed finds phone, back in bed*
*face palm* where’s my charger? * out of bed, finds charger, back in bed*
now is that everything?
*sets alarm* phone plugged in, had a pee locked the door....wait I did lock the door didn’t I?
*out of bed checks door, checks everything is off just in case*
*back in bed about to turn lamp off notices phone isn’t there* WTF? Where is my phone AGAIN!

*Back in bed after finding phone in my coat pocket..? *

Now what am I supposed to be doing? Oh yeah sleeping....Hahahaha good luck *stares into the abyss until alarm goes off* checks phone 8% battery... charger plugged into the phone but not the wall. f*ck my life.


I know you have followed me around my life and got this story from me... NOOO? Y

If not following you around? It was meeeeee. :whistling:

I told my son I was going to bed... he just kind of looked at me & was like “Okay. See you in an hour. Or every 5 minutes for the next 4 hours. Just... I mean... good luck with that. G’night mom.” :facepalm: :hilarious: