You Know You've Been Dissociating/being Absent Minded When...


It’s almost 1030. Cool.

Wait, I mean 1230.

Didn’t I say 1230? Because the clock reads 0135. :bored:

Nope. I was wrong. Must have said 0230 not 1230, because now it’s 0235!

Am I being all dyslexic or something? I thought I said 230, not 330 :confused:

Suns up. Ar 0330??? What MONTH is... oh. 505.

Could have sworn it was 1030 just a few minutes ago. :facepalm:

Well, On the bright side... least part of me appears to have been asleep the past 7 hours?


You are back from a trip you did not know you took, except for the zillion sights and promises to go back, along with Hey you, that is not even a fun tourist destination. :wtf:

Sad and in a cloud of voices no longer there, but apparently some hear the sad through all the laughter.
How was my trip? Not long enough, Reader. Not far enough. But needed that bit where care is coffee and no other questions.


When, twice in a matter of weeks you put the empty kettle on the hob and then sit beside it for fifteen minutes wondering why it's taking so long to come to the boil. Then, when you realise there is no water in it, you decide to cool it down fast under the cold tap, setting off the fire alarm. Twice.


Does this qualify? I put a Coke in my purse for work, take a sip, put it back in the purse in a hurry......forget to screw on top tight, Coke everywhere....then later in the morning, after teaching with my coteacher, I find my coteaching partner's keys on my'd that happen? I sheepishly take them back and slip them on his desk, hoping he's not having an anxiety attack over his missing keys when I enter....he has anxiety issues, too. LOL Then he says to me, could you take these games back to where they belong? Of course, I reply... And I did....but I took one back, don't recall doing it, then walked into the class where I left it and said to myself, "When did I bring that here?" and for the life of me can't recall returning it.....nor getting the keys....but I did. Wow, things in the memory dept seem worse lately. More disconnected.


When you are reading something and you get to the end of a paragraph and you have no idea what you j...

I started T last year and was within weeks urged to read The Body Keeps the Score. Now I consider myself an intelligent person, but at the time there were a lot of scary and threatening things going on, and many, many life changes. The T says, well how'd you like the book? I'm rereading parts of it....very heady, I'd say. Next time, what did you get out of the book? Oh, it's very heady....I'm rereading's a challenging read....but very interesting. No more would be said. Next time, "Here's the book, you can give it to a client who maybe can't afford a copy." She accepted....then says, How was the book? Honestly, ….and I'd reply....very heady. Truth be known, it was a good book, I just didn't remember because it would send me into another zone...then I'd have to reread the chapter......again and took a long time to get through that book! I got the gist.....but not the details. I probably should get it back and reread it...:confused:


Yeh, if it gets too heady, my mind goes on vacation in protest, I think. I will start chewing on the...

Instinctively my me, I should be able to read and comprehend, and not have the fog rise when I am indulging in a heady PTSD book. LOL
Your idea is a good one....why sweat over a book....really? I do really need to relax over these things....

When, twice in a matter of weeks you put the empty kettle on the hob and then sit beside it for fifteen...

I had to get a timer and set it. I'd forget and burn things on the stove or in the oven...making such a stinking mess.
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If I do that, I set the fire alarms off in our whole building of 14 apartments and the Fire Company comes to check out the situation and it is SOOooooo embarrassing! I have taken to eating all uncooked finger foods instead, since I cannot prevent the above and it happens far too often and everyone in the building is like, "Hey! Get it together...." I also have a habit of getting up in the middle of the night and snacking. Those snacks have to be no cooking required, or the above gets even more serious!!!


I started T last year and was within weeks urged to read The Body Keeps the Score. Now I consider mysel...
I had the same problem w the book. I would dissociate pretty badly, even when trying to break it down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread parts of it. It was like an “ah ha” moment for my T. Now we are trying to read “Safely Embodied” by Diedre Fay. So far I kinda remember the forward.