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A horrible night of sleepless horror. Why?

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No offense taken!! 😊

There are other ways to help with sleep. Exercise. Eating well. Talk therapy. Writing. Sleep hygiene... We tried most of them without much help so he decided to give it a try. He sticks to a sleep routine and his sleep has improved.
I have a sleep routine but lately the insomnia has been bad. And I’ve had night terrors 🤦🏻‍♀️ I generally meditate at night before sleep. That would probably be a good thing to reintegrate into my routine
Prazosin helped me. Didn't work for blood pressure but really, really helped with the nightmares. I could watch them without being upset by them, which allowed for more restful sleep. It didn't change my personality, it didn't make me feel like a zombie. It just worked.

As someone said before, PTSD is PTSD. It doesn't have to come from war. I once told my therapist that it wasn't like I lived through the holocaust, and he said I lived through my own holocaust. If you have a trauma that causes PTSD, and you get it, you are just as much PTSD as anyone else. You will find a new normal for yourself and hopefully your family will get that it's not just for veterans. It is so hard in the beginning to understand all that surrounds PTSD, but you have found a great place to learn and heal.
There are other ways to help with sleep. Exercise. Eating well. Talk therapy. Writing. Sleep hygiene.
These are all great suggestions and I’ll throw my backing behind exercise.
I have been resistant to meds for a whole bunch of reasons I don’t need to discuss - but 4 months of (almost) daily exercise has really helped me dial down my nightmares.

There is heaps of great support here so you’re in a good place to get a range of suggestions that may help.
Sending good thoughts.
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