A way to overcome self-harm


I've got problems with self harm since I started because even when I don't wanna do it I have the urge to do it. It's like if my whole body were screaming for it.

So I realise that eating very spicy foot soothe it a lot and helps me controlling that in hard moments. I eat buldak hot chicken flavor ramen because It's so spicy for me and calms my addiction.

But why?
That's because our brain processes capsaicine (the componet that produces pungency) like literal pain so It release endorphin and dopamine as It would realease with self harm.

It can also be addictive but It's way better that self-harm.

Hope it helps someone.
We use capsaicin TigerBalm patches to relieve acute & chronic pain, round these parts. Because of all the substance P released, in addition to targeting endorphins, also confuses the brain about the location OF the pain. Only feels warm on the skin, but the chemicals tell the brain to focus on that, rather than the other pain signals coming in.

Wicked good stuff.