Advice on living alone

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Ok i kept doing too much. My therapist was worried about how exhausted I was and next week I had like 2x too many appointments

I bought furniture on internet but I understand nothing about how I'm supposed to get them. I'll ask someone about it tomorrow.

I bought most of the things I can't live without except furniture. I have books lined up on the floor, books in cartons bags, books in cartons and books on my books cartons. Almost everything else is stored in my cupboards. I already sorted what will be in the basement but lack energy to bring them down

I had a major crisis because my brain thought moving on wouldn't be stressful enough so I started interacting a lot in a lesbien WhatsApp group.

When I'm not way too exhausted or anxious I feel really good being here and living alone
Greatest victory until now


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I keep got dissociated because I don't know this place I don't know this table,shelves,chairs,lamp.... things shouldn't be placed this way there or being suspended like this....

In addition of my environment friends and other people are changing too . Everything is changing and my autism can't keep up with all of this.

My body too can't keep up with all the sudden effort I have to do.

I thought about psy hospital but that would be complicated and I'm not sure it's the best idea
I feel like I cut off from people like people don't exist because I see no one. I keep chatting with friends irl and online but some days ago it wasn't enough. I felt people yesterday so I'm better now but I know it can happen again.

I tired me to sickness. I got advise from my therapist and I'm barely sick now but still have a not too much program to respect.

It's a difficult phase. I'll reach the end of this and access a sens of familiarity at some point just keep going and follow the not doing too much program
You will be ok! It seems that you are doing well and advancing steadily in your plan. Good outside help. Stay with the recovery plan, all will be good in the end!
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