Oh same to you @Renly ! I have had glimpses of it or times of it past but am not sure if ever much with grief? And I think I block the past safe times out out of fear.

Was just thinking, going to say in the I Realize Thread that I have a terrible sense (nearly constant) of foreboding, what crisis I don't expect will happen, or what I fear might. But you just said it- scary even to type (let alone say), but in certain circles or some people at least safe to feel, or say. I think when we've had experiences when it wasn't safe to express and didn't help to feel it might be pretty engrained.

Pretty awesome though. 😌
Happy day to you! 💙
I have a few Moleskine Reporters notebooks I used for when I was working on improving my golf game. One part of them was affirmations for my golf game. One of the things a prominent sports psychologist said in one of his books that stuck was - in order to be a good putter you have to tell yourself you are even if you are not.

So I did pages of affirmations for every part of my game that I read all the time. It helped me reach my goal of getting to a single digit handicap (9.0) and playing rounds in the 70's. (Lowest round 76) I recently took them to a session with my T.

I am doing what you are doing in this thread and I have to say - there is magic in writing it down on paper for yourself. You can add them here and all but there is something about pen and paper writing them out that has more impact than any other way of doing it, just like Dr Rotella said. So I am doing that now, I have a notebook nearby and everything I want to do better I write a positive statement about how I am good at doing it the way I want to in my notebook.

Unfortunately, it still doesn't help my memory any...........