Medical Anyone Dealt With Traumatic Births?

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@Fadeaway, you've been through so much. Thank you for sharing and opening space for others. I'm so sorry for what everyone who has posted has been through.

My daughter's birth wasn't the most traumatic experience I've ever had on an emotional level, but physically I would have to say it was. I was told to push long before it was time. They hadn't even checked to see if it was time. I have trouble speaking up with authority figures, though I'm getting better. At the time, I didn't question it and did as I was told. The pain was so bad it's hard to find words for it. It was as if the screams were being torn from my body and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.

As a result, I tore my cervix and into the rectal wall so badly that the doctor who finally sewed it up (several days after the event, when it was becoming infected) said it was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and that he'd never seen anything like it. I kept asking for more and more local anesthetic until they wouldn't give me any more.

For three months afterwards, I was in pain if I so much as stood up. My whole pelvis felt bruised and sore. During this time, my daughter's father didn't lift a finger to do any housework, including washing the piles of bloody bedding left from the (home) birth. I had to grit my teeth and get up to hand wash it all myself.

Later I had a miscarriage and was bullied into not getting any medical attention despite the hemorrhaging. That's another story and what I already wrote is as much as I can do right now.
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