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Anyone Else Been In A Car Accident?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Accidents' started by politelypink, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Bentheretwo

    Bentheretwo Guest

    Hi Politelypink!
    I have PTSD from 2 major accidents and I went to a Psychologist, that specialized in EMDR Therapy.It has helped me out a lot and it has been used with all types of PTSD. Everything you have written is the exact words I have said throughout the past 3 yrs. When I seen Commercials for Lawyers with car accidents on it. I felt like I was going crazy and found out I wasn't the only one going through it. I can now watch "Fast and Furious" and I love all the Movies. There are EMDR CDs that you are able to listen too and helps out as well. I hope this helps some!
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  3. Ladyrebyl

    Ladyrebyl Guest

    I bought the car after I lost my husband . It was his last gift to me is how I thought about it. Seven months later I'm driving on a highway doing 60-65 & some JERK wrecked us. He turned into my lane & I locked up the brakes so hard that both front tires were flattened. Then the truck behind us slammed into the back end of it. The car was destroyed, but my daughter and I were not seriously injured. Now I'm looking at replacing the car & I've found an exact match to what I had. Sitting here debating if it's going to upset me or make me feel better having it back again........
  4. Ladyrebyl

    Ladyrebyl Guest

    Last year I woke up and found that my husband had passed away in his sleep next to me. It's been horrible dealing with his loss and his daughter fighting me for part of the home that WE built. It's a never ending nightmare that I live most days. Then the last gift from him was destroyed in an accident by someone who wasn't paying attention.......now I'm trying to get another car & I don't know if it's going to comfort me or terrify me. Seems like the most ridiculous things can set off paralyzing fear and depression. I have bad days & worse days.
  5. cactus_jack

    cactus_jack Well-Known Member

    Ladyrebyl, I am so truly sorry for the experience you were dealt. I remember when that happened to my mother, I was on the phone with her.
    I'll have you in my prayers.
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