Anyone else feel weird on Zoloft? UPDATE: Trying again...


I’ve been on Zoloft for close to a week now. I experienced some of what you describe the first couple of days. I had an emotional flashback on day 4 that had me feeling pure terror. It took me a couple of days to get through it, but I’m feeling better now. I also have depersonalization and c-PTSD along with ADHD, so I’m taking Adderall as well. I take Adderall during the day and the Zoloft at night. Today, I feel like the medicine is starting to work and that I gained some of my mind back. I hope you are able to work with the doctor to find what works best for you. 🤞


New Here
I’m new here and was reading this thread with interest to see how others have found Zoloft. I’m on my third month of taking it (now up to 75mg). So far I haven’t noticed much difference, but I don’t really know what I should expect to feel and what would be considered improvement with Zoloft?? I have C-PTSD, and it has always been difficult for me to place feelings and experience different emotions. Normally I am either emotionally numb or feel extreme anxiety about particular situations.

I think I have had fewer anxiety attacks during the time I’ve been taking it, but I still have racing thoughts and trouble sleeping. I’ve also lost interest and motivation for things that I think would have lifted my mood prior starting Zoloft. Similar to the original post - I am going through the motions without really thinking or experiencing.

But everyone’s experience seems mixed and very different!