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Anyone Else Seeing Multiple Providers At The Same Time?


After the covid pandemic I ended up seeing telehealth providers like most of us. My very good therapist suggested that I see an in-person provider and get a psychiatrist on board also and I did. My in person provider is also very good and it feels like a good fit. My Psychiatrist just wanted to change up my meds, and that was a resounding flop, but he has set me up with a telehealth group. He is no longer on my team officially, just there if needed.
It gets confusing. I go into this with the idea of total clarity between all of these venues, but it gets confusing: Who said what, what was the context, where did we leave off, is this all headed in the same direction?
Has anyone else been this deep in therapists and how did it go? My biggest problem so far is having two sessions on the same day, like last week just the first one was a heavy session, followed by the second session, "how are you today" and on we go into deeper dives.
The group hasn't started yet, this week is session 1.
I think I can do this, how did it go for you and what would you provide as advice for me going forward?

I’ve had periods where I was seeing 3 different therapists at the same time. I’d often see all 3 in the same week, but would always try not to see more than 1 per day.

They were all different types of Ts, all supporting me in different ways.

I’ve also had periods where I was doing group therapy, and seeing 2 other practitioners at the same time.

It can get confusing! It helps to make sure they’re working with each other, rather than at odds. Getting them to communicate treatment plans with each other can be immensely helpful!
From my understanding, uncoordinated care is poor practice and what other support you're getting should be part of the initial assessment about whether that therapy is right for you.

Psychiatrists prescribe and diagnose, so it's common to have a psychiatrist and a therapist. I think sometimes EMDR is accompanied by some form of talking therapy - but both therapists should be aware of what else you're receiving.

I think if it's not helpful or confusing, then choose one and ditch the others.
all good perspectives, as always it helps to hear how someone else sees the situation.
Group is going to be fine as an addition to any other therapy, or as a stand alone. Group is going to be a lot like the interactions here i think. If therapy is like a classroom, group is going to be the conversations in the hall.

Like a lot of people i can multitask, so confusion between therapists is going to be like confusion between projects i am working on with different teams at work or different books i am reading at thevsame time, it is only as confusing as i let it get before i pump the brakes.
Both of my therapists finish my sentences and I finish theirs, I am lucky to have two good fits.
I aint scared of anything but my own inability to do this on my own in the first place, where do i get off thinking I can do anything but mess this up?
a big cooperation contraption, but after just a month with two and a week with three i think it will fly. Thanks