Art therapy - share your work here


He wants me to paint a painting for him, just between friends. We both love crows, so it will have crows in it. He knows some of my medical conditions, he was my home health physical therapist when I was recovering from neck surgery recently. Anyway, thanks for the advice, it's well taken.

Wishing you success, joy, friendship, and rightly deserved company!


This is a light sketch of the tree that the crows will be in. I hope you can see it.

Tornadic Thoughts

This was inspired by an art therapist I've been meeting with on occasion. She's a trauma-informed therapist that I feel a deep connection with on several levels, as we share many common interests, and she's so incredibly easy to talk to, regardless of the subject. How refreshing!

It began as a really big empty circle, traced with a bowl - the beginnings of a mandala. She asked that I come up with a mantra of sorts that I was feeling at the time in regards to my current life happenings. It was one of the weeks I was trying to reach the finish line of Mount Paperwork regarding my mom's estate, so I came up with "Oh yes I can!"

She asked me to write that on the back of the paper and strike out all of the vowels. Once I finished that, I took the remaining letters - H Y S C N - and incorporated them into the mandala.

It's taken me a few weeks to finish it, but it finally feels complete. The art therapist said it makes her think of a quilt that is rich in meaning, color, and texture. I really enjoyed it. Glad I gave the formal art therapy scene a try.

There's bubbles, rain, sacred waters, mom's smiling heart memorial, my favorite breeze surfers, sunshine, rainbows, clouds, moon shine, open hearts, closed hearts, mushroom logs, mushrooms, flowers, falling leaves, vines with clinging leaves, acorns that were once a little nut that became a majestic tree, my sound bowl, Native American flute, and Djembe drum, trees, music, waves, dots connected, dots waiting to be connected, frequencies shifting, etc., etc. 💛 My brain and heart had fun with it. May your eyes enjoy it. 🙂