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I just painted this one; it's called, " Getting Through the Storm". It's Post Card sized, watercolor.

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Tornadic Thoughts

Did another collage project...


The dandelion and the flutter-by, to me, represent both sides of the story via the transformation process. It reminds me of the power of self, especially on days I feel defeated and worthless.

The picture of the lion cub crying reminds me of me when I'm trying to determine and set clear boundaries with my cell-ph and others - leading to even deeper INsights each and every time.

The birds remind me daily that I'm never alone, and their music, as well as other music choices, keep me going.

Tornadic Thoughts

Wow, @Lionheart , they are beautiful! How does that work? I haven't embarked into the world of apps just yet, but I'm curious and now even more intrigued by the possibilities. Can you do it on a laptop?

I stopped doing the coloring book thing since it seemed the lines were getting smaller and my eyes weaker. I was using fine-tipped markers that didn't run or bleed through the pages. I miss it!

Do you print them and color them? Use your mouse to color them in? Would you educate me, if you don't mind, please?


@Tornadic Thoughts,

Yes, ya can do it on a laptop or desktop. The app I am using costs like 3.99 for many pages to color. One uses the mouse to click on a color and then click to fill in the area and it will fill in the area with the color you have chosen. It is really easy, there is a button for going back and erasing the area you have colored, a button to make the area bigger so that you can do the fine lines coloring easier, then a button to make it smaller again. Basically, you choose the color from a palette and you can change the palette to different colors and toggle back and forth if you desire. Once you do it, it is really easy to catch on. Once you are done you can save it to like a file or picture album. I think the name of the app is "Zen: Coloring Book for Adults." from Microsoft apps...but I will have to check that to be sure. I hope if you choose to do it, (and there are some free pages to try the app first) that you will enjoy it as much as I do. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and if I think of anything else I will be sure to post it.