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Rani G2

You might take yourself with you.


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Rani G2

Hey @ladee.. thanks. Feeling better, just a reminder for me when I have illusory thoughts. Plus I will only survive on an island in a good functioning hotel without spiders, good toilets, clean food, spa and massage therapist due to my headaches. And ofcourse I need my Bobby brown foundation stick due to under eye circles.😎

Tornadic Thoughts

I'm exploring fabric painting with stencils. I really dig the geometric shapes. These are my first two attempts on scrap fabric. Gonna practice more another day using the things I've learned so far - or at least what I remember and have patience for. lol

The first one was done with a brush, but the paint got squished up underneath the stencil and is too thick in those spots. I need to do 2nd and 3rd coats, I think, but use a sponge applicator rather than a brush. Also, the colors would show up much better on a lighter color fabric.

The second one was done with a sponge and worked much better as far as not globbing it up under the stencil. I need to remember the extra coats of paint to make the colors more vibrant and to fill in the gaps. Oh ye of little patience.

Looking forward to making some kitchen towels once I nail down the process and play with more colors. It's easy to clean up the mess and is easy to do outdoors, making it more appealing to follow through with. May it inspire some garden mailbox decorating soon, or at least before the growing season is over. 😊



Tornadic Thoughts

I've been doing more fabric painting practice. The white on purple images are done with screen print stencils and is only one coat of paint, not very well distributed in a few spots. I learned I need to invest in some wide painters tape to avoid getting paint all around the stencils, and use smaller tools to apply the paint.

The flower of life image is a regular stencil done on a cotton flour sack dishtowel. I did two coats this time and got outside the lines on that one, too. Every oopsie is an AFGO moment - another f'n growth opportunity. 😆 It'll be fun to go back and do some freestyle additions/highlights in my next practice session.