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I’m calling this one, “She Means Business”. It’s about empowerment. Ants are one of my protector spirits. They are in tune with the flow of energy from the Earth’s center out through the leaves of the trees. They have venomous bites and stings and a bunch of other ants protecting them, with whom they are constantly checking in.
I was doing a lot of coloring yesterday to deal with my feelings. I felt a lot of irritation in my head. And regression I think.

I’m calling this one “Fire on Babylon” in honor of Sinéad O’Connor who taught us about bravery in facing our mental health and strife.
I’m calling this one “My Tiger Friend”. Nice to have friends who are powerful.
I kind of see a hawk face in the yellow.
I’m calling this one, “I want to be friends with Chris who works at the natural foods store”
I’m calling this one “The Tunguska Event”. People thought an asteroid fell in Siberia 100 years ago but there were no remnants so some people think it was an atom-sized black hole (recent episode of Radiolab podcast). Sometimes in recovery things hit us, rip through us, in a sudden way and then we have to clean up afterward and aren’t even sure where it came from.
This pastel, titled “Horse Hug,” I’d drawn from my imagination in 1987. My horse was then 26 years old. And although I’d owned him since he was a colt, it wasn’t until his stable-mate died that I became aware of his grieving and depth of feeling. They had been stabled together for 20 years and had rarely lift each others side.

The following morning, I had turned my horse out to pasture as usual and yet he didn’t graze. Rather he laid down in the grass facing the stable, as if, he were waiting for his stable-mate to join him. It makes me feel weepy writing this as I still miss my horses so very much.


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Everybody's interpretations are so neat, but OMG @spinningmytires I weep with you! Yes- horses, dogs, I'm sure cats and others- they do that. I wish humans had their hearts! But that is a beautiful pic and both knowing the story and feeling the same I'd buy it in an instant!

My only dream would be a small property with 2 horses and dog(s). What a blessing to have had them! But what a longing too.

Thank you! ☺️
In 1982, I drew this female nude from my imagination. The pictorial space is highly compressed, as if almost claustrophobic, though I’m not claustrophobic.

Her strong massive arms and legs seem placed as if, a fortress blocking out the outside world. She holds her head safely away from her body, as if, to dissociate herself from her more vulnerable feelings.


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