As a child no one helped or guided me, I was sort of a stray which led me to horrible life decisions

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you are incredible.. i am still spining those plates but we know we arent alone and we can handle it. bless you. im a few steps behind you xx
Thank you, the journey is quite difficult but cathardic and while I started in a very dark place, the light is peaking in :-)


I don’t think I’ve been able to grieve. I appreciate this thread. I think having a comfortable life is a real plus as I never was asked to work or present a public facade successfully.

Little boy me wasn't a little boy even though he looked like one. I haven’t dealt with this which makes me laugh as though it could be dealt with .

It took me all these years in therapy to see that this was a gift from mom.

I couldn’t understand why no one heard me asking for help either. Especially later as I understood why.

I like your threads and it’s nice to hear from other men that have lived with this. I think. I’m going to go back and read it again as I have to skim meaningful threads quickly to avoid the landmines.
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