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I only use yellow onions. They are not as strong as the white ones. The inside is still white but the taste is different. I personally do not like raw onion period, but to cook with, yellow is my choice.


our yellow onions have yellow skins and a bit of a yellowish tint to the onion and are a bit sweeter than white ones, which have white skins and pure white onion. We also have huge yellow skinned onions that are called Walla Walla Sweets - they are only available for about a month each year. They taste like an onion /potato/apple mix. They make fabulous onion rings!
Oh...And we have the purple ones too lol


They have white skins. Another great onion is called the Vidalia Onion. It also has a brown skin. A sweet onion that is great in something you want to have an onion flavor but not overwhelming. Who knew there were so many flavors of onions right??!!


I only use yellow onions. They are not as strong as the white ones.
It’s the opposite, here.

White onions are mild, crisp even when cooked, and are what one uses in salsas, salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, and other things where raw onions are used, or you want a bit of vibrant crunch.

Yellow onions are so strongly acidic they’re tear-jerkers, and fill several hundred square feet with whoa. They’re used mostly in soups, and cooking, as their flavor vanishes almost entirely in heat // it’s those volatile acids. They vanish leaving sweet softness behind. @Teasel they have both tough brown skin & white flesh tinged yellow, and thin papery yellow skin and buttery colored flesh... depending on which hybrid or variety is being sold as “yellow onions”.. which depends on the time of year. And whether they’re coming from Eastern Washington, Idaho, somewhere in the Midwest, or Latin America. 9 mo a year they’re coming from Washington/Idaho. The other 3 months ara mixed bag.

Both walla walla sweets & Vidalia sweets are available year round. In wildly different sizes. From pearl to fist to flattened head sized. Best for caramelizing / making grilled onions with.

Purple onions / Red onions are sharply acidic like yellow onions, but instead of melting away to nothing when cooked stand up to heat like white onions. My fave onion for beef broth & red wine based onion soup. Which ticks my mom off, because that’s the French onion soup the Acadian side of my family uses... but she went to school in Paris & is insistent that “real” French onion soup is white onion & white wine. (Snicker. The Acadian French onion soup is waaaaay better.) If I’m out of shallots I use a ratio of half a purple onion to 1 garlic clove.


Yellow onions are so strongly acidic they’re tear-jerkers,
Sound like our standard onions though maybe stronger.
thin papery yellow skin and buttery colored flesh
This is what I saw on YouTube and was most surprised (doesn’t take much🙃)
Red onions are sharply acidic
Ours are sweeter than than the standard browns.

Realise we don’t have green onions either, which I assumed were the same as spring onions / scallions.