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Betrayed by my sister

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Because he’s their son. Because no matter what he did, they will always love him. Sometimes parents are able to cut off their kids, but it’s not an easy thing to do. That’s your kid. That’s who you spent 20+ years day in and day out raising and loving and learning. He’s facing his natural consequences by being in prison, and they have the willpower to not fight to get him out. They have immense love for the victim. But. He’s their son. Parent/child bonds aren’t always a thing (I can definitely attest to that- I don’t have good relationships there). But for those that do have that bond- nothing can stop it. There are interviews and such of parents of school shooters, and even serial killers. They all say the same thing, they hate what they did but they still love their child.


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It wasn't a family friend. It was her cousin who did it and around the same age as her. He is a year older than her.
Okay babe. Here’s the deal. I have really tried to be patient and understanding because I know how strong and irrational deep anger can be. However I do feel like you are starting to act troll-ish (not calling you one just seems like you are trying to find just the right lines to create attention). This is my last post because I’m just getting frustrated with you at this point.

If you truly fear for your nieces safety, I’ve given the steps and the internet in general has a ton of information on how to report and etc. but I really feel like this isn’t the issue at all. You haven’t indicated any real abuse she has performed against them. Yes, what happened to you was abuse. And I think counseling could go a long way to healing that. Especially if sessions include her.

Now this cousin who I swear you said was a family friend earlier but I’m too tight for time to bother finding it. Being only a year older than her- I have the same reaction towards him that I do to her. The exact same. He abused her, yes. But he was 99% most likely abused as well to even give him the idea. So this just goes even deeper and COUNSELING would be an absolutely fantastic step.

I wish you well. And please, please don’t write a book 🙄. That will cause way more family hurt than you can even imagine.
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