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Betrayed by my sister

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Thanks. Is this considered abuse if someone showed you a video of a girl wearing rollerblades falling off in a short skirt and would explain it to you? Is it?
Okay, so I’m going to present two scenarios to you and I want you to tell me which it is or if it was something else entirely and please explain what’s different so we can have a better idea of what you are seeing as abuse and can advise you better.

1. girls were rollerblading in the neighborhood, biffed it and fell while sister was recording. Sisters showing you (or everyone) and laughing about the kids’ antics.

2. Sister brings video to you snickering about how cute her daughters underwear is. And i don’t know, makes comments about her butt or genitalia?
Are there any other examples of possible abuse? I’m really struggling to see this particular circumstance as abusive and I’m very sensitive to things feeling like abuse when they most likely aren’t. But I feel like this is reaching. Can you tell me what exactly the comment was about private parts? Was it like a scolding to cover themselves up? Or more like a teasing oh I see your underwear?
Those bonds and love are complicated. You can hate the behavior without hating the person. You can learn to have compassion for the reasons things occurred. It doesn’t excuse them, but it’s complicated. I know of parents visiting someone who raped a family member of mine. They both talk to him and see him. They despise what he did. But he’s still their son. It’s complicated.
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