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Colorful and hopefully optimistic but maybe hateful occasionally

Wish they'd legalize cannabis.

ETA: for my mom. listening to sudden pain sounds is not great but it's better than feeling the pain itself I bet
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Sorry you’re in it! And I know it’s so hard to get out. When I was trying to leave my ex it was hard because we lived in a big house with everything we needed. One time I drove to a shelter with two of my kids but they were screaming so loudly in fear so I ended up staying with his mom and telling her all the shitty stuff he did as I was desperate for change. I had to leave my dog with him and he got rid of her but I had to make peace with it.

Animals have spirits that are much more powerful than ours, I think. Yes they are utterly dependent but also they understand love in a different way. There are a river of animals constantly flowing through our civilizations. So as heartbreaking as it is to sever relationships with previous pets by relinquishing them (there are no-kill cat rescues and shelters and fosters) if it’s part of you gaining your individual autonomy then animal familiars would spiritually understand and support that I believe. And when you are ready, sometimes the same spirit will return in a different form to continue working with you.

No easy place to be in. None of this PTSD stuff is easy! 🫂
My personal goal is to be with my animals for their entire lives, for as long as physically possible. The way I view them, I'm lucky enough to be sharing the time I'm alive with the time that they're alive. And there's never going to be another Xavie (cat) besides the one right next to me, for example. And to be frank, he's been traumatized by abandonment from my sister.

Thank you for your support ❤️

That really, really makes me sad you have to leave the doggo, but I understand. I've had to do that with kittens before. I think it went worse than my ex just giving them away, though, but I don't know so I chose to believe they all ran away and lived happily ever after lol 😌

Thank you for telling me comforting words. I'm the scared child right now lol

But, um. Yeah, I've tried living elsewhere numerous times now. Something bad always happens. It be like that. always end up with abusive people around.

Current plan is to try to get section 8 housing once the wait-list opens back up :)