Complaints Welcome Here.

I posted something about a subject which is dear to my heart,

Oh sorry you are getting barraged by idiots.

I don't have a fb a/c and except for some sign up options my life seems to be ok without it.

If you cannot express your opinion without getting shouted down then it's probably not worth telling these ppl what your opinion ever was. They are not interested in a 'discussion' they are looking for a echo chamber, seeking validation for their own beliefs whilst hating anyone who doesn't share the same them.


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Angry because many dont make an effort to get to truly know you.

Grrr I am so angry that I would like to cut off everyone. I just dont get it...? Even here..I tried to connect...but its of no use = Yes..distortion! Ofcourse.

Do i sound like a silly kid? Yes
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Pulled a muscle putting my bra on ffs
Perversely glad this little league body stuff happens to other people too.
Some years ago I ripped off a tendon in one of my fingers whilst shedding long underwear. Splint mostly healed it but now I game and sometimes type without that finger because the joint gets sore, fast. Hurts when it rains too (like today).


I was going to put this in the what do I need thread, but it got to be too long...... Beware, rant will commence soon....

Okay, I just had a horrific phone call with a csr at my cable provider to remove phone service from my lineup. O-M-Gosh! It was so bad that I called back to complain - something I don't remember having done for the longest time. It's just that she said things that were kind of unimaginable to me and the thought of her trying to scare folks like my dad or others who are sensitive (like me) was too much. I'm glad that I was able to bear up and not run away because I had facts at hand. I really wanted to slam an old fashioned phone down about 20 times! So unethical! Scare tactics in this day and age?! So smarmy; elsh, I need a shower now. How do people do those jobs every day? I could not live with myself! I told the person who answered the phone in billing what the csr had said and what I thought about what she'd said, and he told me he'd flag the call for his supervisor. I wonder if this is outsourced to another company, if this is an actual script, or if this lady is just off her rocker and needs massive coaching. She wanted me to know 5 times that by removing the landline phone that I was putting my life in jeopardy because it takes emergency services 2 hours to find someone with a cell phone, and she said to me, after gasping, that she wanted to make sure that it was okay with me to put my life in jeopardy. Then she made other disapproving noises, uh-huhs, and sighs. She challenged everything I said to her - i.e. you know your bill might go up if we remove this? (um, nope the original sales rep told me what the new rate would be if I cancelled), we offer cell service through here there XXX and you would do better with them than xxx (um, nope I'll keep who I have)...... It went on far too long and after being put on hold after one of her loud gasps of exasperation, she had the nerve to get back on the line and apologize for the gasp that she was trying to cover up a burp. Huh?! I think she must have been listening as I think I made a comment to that effect . Hmmm, silent hold means they might be listening - I'll keep that one in the back of my mind. Not a good way to spend my afternoon. :(

Ghastly business. I feel dirty. Yes, I feel like I need a long hot shower with Clorox and a wire brush. Maybe it's my soul that needs the attention though. So, I think I'll settle for a nice shower with some peach shower gel and some hugs if anyone cares to send one my way.

Thank you for reading. I don't have anyone to call and hash it out, so I appreciate the space.