confused by terms


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In discussion with my new T re an experience where I felt myself getting small... like awareness of a sense of the room seeming bigger... she asked a couple questions about co-consciousness vs psychosis. The questions concerned me and I feel confused about them.
Hello. Sorry for the slow reply. Am in an IOP rn for trauma/depression. Anyhow - The term "co-consciousness" confused me. What does that mean? And she asked if the experience felt more like psychosis, which I've not been told I had, or this "co-consciousness."
Psychosis is about perceiving things that don’t really exist. Like hearing voices that aren’t actually there.

Co-consciousness is related to dissociative disorders (like DID), where an individual has multiple different parts to their personality, experienced in dissociative episodes. Co-consciousness is when one or more of those parts are able to “communicate” with each other. Like having an internal dialogue.
amen, finn. psychology terms confuse me more today than they did in the late 60's when i first started reading self-help books. a) everybody seems to use psych words differently. b) the words for every little thing keep changing faster than junior high slang. c) no two junior highs ever seem to use the same slang words.

my current coping mechanism is to ask the person i am talking with to explain the term they are using.

for what it's worth
i am multilingual. translating from one empirical language to another feels like child's play next to translating between psychology experts. it is a rapid cycling dialect.