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Confusion Over The Hate Of Police By Some Veterans?

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by Ka-9, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Ronin

    Ronin Dark Wings Premium Member

    Ah, we have a racist troll here that hides behind being a concerned citizen.

    Enjoy your way out.
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  3. Fadeaway

    Fadeaway I'm a VIP Donated

    I shouldn't be laughing about the response aimed @cactus_jack, but it is so wrong that I find it funny. My husband says you need to ask the FBI to investigate. He says Cops and FBI don't play well together and you'll probably end up with FBI on your side.

    I am sure there are forces that aren't corrupt, but many of them are. Even the most honest and well meaning person is going to find it hard not to assimilate into a corrupt force. It's a pack mentality.

    I have had good experiences but I have had more bad experiences. My father in-law is a retired officer and my husband had an entire police force acting as surrogate parents to him. There are A LOT of corruption stories my husband either witnessed or was told about by his dad. Including one officer who moonlighted as murder for hire.
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  4. Sighs

    Sighs Not a Fairytale Moderator Donated

    I realise this person is trolling but I can't help but wading in here.

    If I am reading the post correctly, this vet had been home from active deployment less than two weeks. He's woken up suddenly by someone physically grabbing him. I doubt he would have reacted differently had he been stone cold sober. Not sure how a pretty understandable startle response, followed immediately by a well trained military self defence response qualifies you for a pych unit...
  5. cactus_jack

    cactus_jack Well-Known Member

    I have no idea who Joshua Cox is, but I have a sneaking suspicion about him. As for racist, Ronin, I didn't see that. At the same time I have not seen all of his posts. However, the biggest problem is, where I live in Utah, the Cox family has been the biggest problem yet. Literally. Utah Highway Trooper by the last name of Cox has openly alleged that I was threatening to kill people for attention, and that appears to be the charges I am facing in another county. Which has be pissed and baffled. Never happened, and if I want attention I know how to get it without hurting anyone. Also, last year when I was facing charges in the municipal court, those were brought up by a woman by the last name of Cox. So somehow the Cox family and myself have some kind of a quarrel going on. Might be as the Lt. Gov is Spencer J. Cox, and I, as a local delegate for the GOP have criticized him in public. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a correlation there....

    As for the FBI, don't count on it. I have dealt with them before and they are not very reliable. Unless you have any 17-19 year old kids that want to verbally express themselves, then the FBI will be there to arrest them for a multitude of hate crimes.
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  6. Matt Jackson

    Matt Jackson New Member

    Everyone hates the cops! Armed Forces guys and girls get called heros for their contributions to the world, but ex-coppers get the big f$&k you buy everyone. My best mate is an ex-ambo with ptsd and everyone loves him..... Top bloke but I bet if he was an ex-cop it would be different. Just saying & that can get a bloke pissed off. I was hating on this very ideal for a long time. Still gets me if I let it. There are a lot of shit people out there that don't like you straight up if they know what you used to do. If I had my time again I would ever have gone near the show.... but like the author, I brought it on myself, so I have to suck that one up...
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