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Confusion Over The Hate Of Police By Some Veterans?

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by Ka-9, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    Anarchy, no offence at all..... but why in the hell are you on this thread lol?

    No offence, but I'm going to venture a wild guess, your not a big blue supporter.

    It is the emergency services, military forum.... and certainly that doesn't restrict citizens from commenting or learning, but it is OUR section lol. In fact I like the idea of victims that I may have assisted over the years learning what my damages are like, and visa versa.

    However, If I'm suffering PTSD because I've seen too many dead babies, raped chidren, or dead police dogs... you trying to rouse another Guy Fawkes moment doesn't necessarily help..you know?

    When David was pissing himself over a disability internal affairs hearing, you still had to drop a reminder that you hate the system lol. What the hell is that going to help this guy......

    look everyone.... if I want to f*cking get a John Holmes HATE ON over a football player, disrespecting my dead brothers and sisters, (let's not forget Dallas eh, that occured juuust before his socks.....and what they died for eh)? Then I'll f*cking hate on him till my goats come home. It's my PTSD!!! lol..... and I'm getting bombarded to defend Chicago's crime stats.

    I put one line.....one, in my initial rant over the feeling of desertion I felt over a brave army Ranger calling me a pig! and defending this guy...for calling me a pig! Why did nobody say.."Hey K9 that sucks dude (well except the military guys like Florian...thanks brother) I'm sorry you feel betrayed or dissrespected, but...this is my opinion.
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  3. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    And for the record this goes for soilders as well.

    I don't care if you hate Bush, Afghanistan, the Iraq war, or the shade of camoflauge used. these guys and gals, donned 30lbs of body armour, grabbed a rifle and went, because someone was going to go. Family tradition, the desire to protect brothers/sisters, duty, whatever.

    They hunted for you- so the least you can do is listen.....and learn, in the bloody military/emergency services forum at least, no? Am I even remotely on the auto accidents form, yelling about distracted driving stats...wtf lol.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016
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  4. Neverthesame

    Neverthesame A Mind The Dead Have Ravaged Premium Member Donated

    @Ka-9 Hope you don't mind a bit of an off track story to lighten the mood? Other than involving a k-9 unit, it has nothing to do with anything.

    Many years ago. Working a night shift job for a loblaws chain. (Figured you would actually know what that is, so I left it in.)
    The smokers and I, on our night crew. Were out on coffee break at 2am.
    Police car rolls up, window winds down, officer asked if we saw someone walk by a while ago? (Just got out there, so no.)
    Supervisor (woman who loves dogs) sees the k9 tag on the rear window pillar. Immediately looks in the back. No good, dark tint.

    She asks the officer about the dog. (This gets a couple other people's attention, who start walking up to the car. (Then cop had a grin on his face, so I stayed put. You know, that "I'm about to have a good laugh at your expense" kind of grin?)

    So now 4 people all leaning in towards the rear window. Window rolls down, they lean closer...
    4 people run away from the back of the car.
    Officer is roaring with laughter. So was everyone else after they made sure their pants were dry. :hilarious:

    Who says cops don't have a sense of humour?
    Beautiful dog too.

    Hope that lightened the mood a bit. :D
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  5. joeylittle

    joeylittle ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ All howl, no bite Administrator Generous $250+

    This is 100% true, and there's no argument to it.

    I'm going to take it as a request by the OP to redirect the thread - so, here on out, focus is going to shift away from the debate about whether or not police/military are necessary.

    (That's a side conversation, ETA: and there is now a new thread for it, here: Spin Off Thread For Observations On Protests Against Law Enforcement )
    @Ka-9 - I have an honest question for you. The venting you are getting out about the CNN piece you saw, where the vets were defending Kaepernick - how much of that do you think you are directing away from any anger/frustration/betrayal you are feeling about the vets who were defending him? It's not a leading question, I'm really interested to know what you think about your response.

    And also - because I don't know you that well, on the boards - does venting about it help you let go of it, or does venting keep the flames burning?

    I know for myself, when I'm feeling about something the way you're expressing you feel about Kaepernick, that I don't get better, I stay upset when I'm trying to articulate about it. And, staying upset in turn causes me to feel generally nasty, so it spills over into other things. it's just a gross feeling. So, it's important for me to figure out how to diffuse whatever is underneath the thing that set that anger off. It's usually bigger than the thing itself.

    But I think for some people, venting is genuinely a way to blow off steam, and they feel better when they've done it.

    Do you know (roughly, because I know it's not this black and white) which of those is more true for you? Or which one feels more true, based on this thread?
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
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  6. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    Thanks never, it sure did.... for the amount of times I've enjoyed doing that, that could have been me for the record lol.
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  7. Ronin

    Ronin Dark Wings Premium Member

    Well now you're talking. ;)

    It conveys better than very bruised off thread, in my experience heckuva pissed off gets sooner sympathy and such in the diaries section than in threads, threads are just taken for 'open to all input' spaces, applicable or wildly off.

    So shrug. May be the placing. Glad we're getting that sorted.
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  8. Florian7051

    Florian7051 Well-Known Member

    Kaepernick has caused quite the stir with some of the military and I don't really understand it.

    Sailor Faces Discipline After Viral Flag Protest | Military.com

    Here is another story that surfaced today of a sailor that refuses to stand for morning colors until reform has taken place. This became a big deal because part of the rights you relinquish when you join the uniformed military is the right to protest in uniform. I just don't understand why this is popping up everywhere. I wish I had an answer to your original question Ka-9, but all I can say is it's not all of us. As a matter of fact I would venture a GUESS as to say most of us probably support you and all you do. I can't speak for other service members but from myself, thank you for your service, and I'm sorry this has peaked your PTSD symptoms.
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  9. Muse

    Muse I'm a VIP Sponsor $100+

    I hate that athletes get so much glory and $ for giving so little to the world. I like the spirit of pushing oneself and taking care of one's health. But that's it.

    If 1/2 their salaries went to paying for better therapy, medical care, and job opps for our Ex-Military, then I'd be happy to think well of them. If they paid a fair amount of tax to support education for kids' futures and teachers' salaries. Great.

    As a teacher, my kids are on med coupons and free lunch.

    I want to help those who deserve it, and I can't. I don't even pay tax because I don't earn enough to help that way.

    While I was young and earning my Master's degree, and paying for it by teaching at Uni, I saw one of my favorite (I hide it, I promise) students morph into a shadow of herself when she got back from Iraq in the first wave.

    She made no money to go serve. It took the life right out of her in months. She was a depressed zombie when she got back. It's like the war sucked out her soul and left only a body and a tormented brain. She had been the light of the place. She lit up the room with her spark, energy, spirit.

    I have never forgotten her. She was 18. I felt she was my daughter. I guess I loved her, and I didn't realize it. She was a brilliant writer.

    She's my hero, not the athletes.
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  10. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    I dunno dude, I guess I surrender. There are simply too many weak sisters out there. Every one is special, and demands attention. I remember the early 90's military...they punched you in the gut if you were mouthy....I had sore ribs all basic and battle school. God forbid I tried to be a social warrior by siding with a quarterback..... they would have beaten me to death and fed me to beavers.

    I assume that's why I spend all day with horses and dogs...and a good paramedic wife. I appreciate the thoughts anyways, and right back at you. By the way, many of the US Tac guys I met/trained with were marines, and they were all great dudes, funny as f*ck.

    f*ck em all lol.
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  11. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    I believe that Muse... can't even imagine going there at 19, 20 years old....
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  12. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    Joey I mentioned I loved ya', because I know your interest was genuine and not selfish or abnoxious....so, I don't mind answering.

    I'm pissed mostly? at the pure, retarded, stupidty....of everyone. Mindless consumers, milling around, oblivious to everything around them....worshiping, yes, retarded quarterbacks, and making that the purpose of their daily existence. I'm pissed they have no clue, but blather like, well yes, well fed sheep, yet watch the news and demand change, demand, demand, demand...someone else of course doing the work.

    Maybe that just makes me feel so much more isolated. After seeing and living such extreme moments that literally define life and death in very graphic terms, I'm simply asking too much. But, having citizens attack those of us who serve? That just sends me into f*cking rage. I can't control it beyond finding fast safe outlets or escapes, and a perversely dark humor. I want to fight. Bikers, quarterbacks, abusive douchebags, whatever represents stupidity and evil....I hope someone stupid will pick a fight with me almost every off day.

    So...I moved thousands of miles, isolated the shit out of myself with animals, and avoid meaningful contact. Rage or anger just comes. I can't vent, not enough control of the issue. I try to expend it though..... like this morning. Every morning, work the heavy bag, powerlift. I was literally ordered to stop watching CNN....so I came here, and ta-dah....same shit, more typing.

    And I'm guy who never killed an animal of any kind. Vegetarian and all.

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  13. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    @Muse ..sorry. Forgot to mention teachers.... another group serving.
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