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Confusion Over The Hate Of Police By Some Veterans?

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by Ka-9, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. RussH

    RussH for the superhero in all of us. Premium Member

    I agree that lives matter, and I am not attempting to justify bad shootings by cops. However we need to not be so quick to automatically think a cop is a racist, or a murderer, or evil person because they shot someone. Many of the police related shootings are the result of having to make a split second decision. An officer sees a gun, they cannot take time to decide if it is a toy gun, an unloaded gun. It is a gun, and therefore a threat. If they don't take immediate action, then their inaction could lead to the death of an innocent person, or the police officer themselves.

    I would love it if we lived in a world where things like this would never happen, but they do, and the best thing we can do is allow the investigation go forward and determine the facts of the case, instead of automatically deciding the cop is a racist killer.
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  3. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member


    I love you Joey.... but let me put it this way..... trying to love this ethical, angelic, awesomely benevolent QB, is like me asking you to love your/someone's abuser and not put a hot poker up his urethra. I HATE this guy. Now lets all be honest....we're all f*cking less than healthy here... so although my hate may not be normal to some..... I'm happily nuts, so I'm going to embrace my hate of this douche bag and revel in it in the unhealthiest of manners.... a literal deranged orgy of it!

    My whole rant was watching some ungrateful turd parade around in pig socks.... without EVER having done an honest day's sacrafice in his life. Then watching a Ranger, who obviously has his own issues, label all cops pigs, because he's just as f*cking disgruntled as me!

    But do police need to strive to do their best like anyone else? Absolutely, and as best as can be done...the literal 1% of idiots need to be kept out of the recruiting process.
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  4. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    I can answer you in one sentence. Well, no it'll take several, my bad.

    Are human being's perfect creatures? Let's agree...no. If you ask humans to do a near impossible task.... prevent crimes before they happen.... socially cure all of societies ills, AND let's not forget.....


    Well I'd say good luck and god speed.

    I'd say the downfall of your theory.... is that you're mildly insane to think accidental, unjustified, actions of ANY kind are not going to happen under the extremes of human stress. Not, the strongest point in your sewing kit either.

    So....doctors will make mistakes. Nurses, teachers, hermaphrodites, driver's, grocery store clerks.... but not cops. Ok then, sounds like a plan.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2016
  5. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    Russ... you just nailed it shut.

    Exactly. If you're not a cop....you should be.... that's exactly the truth of the matter, and I couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. joeylittle

    joeylittle ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ All howl, no bite Administrator Generous $250+

    I hear you - and I don't especially love (or hate) him, but I get that neutrality isn't always easy for any of us here. Believe me, I share in my moments of same. :tup:
    That's all I'm saying. And, I agree with you about recruiting, too. That's an angle that doesn't get picked over enough.
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  7. Sideways

    Sideways I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Yeah, only that's not what I was saying, yeah? What I was saying was that the statistics of "only 5-10% of fatal police shootings were an error" is not, IMO, a solid argument to suggest that these police shootings are not a big deal, go pick on some other public servant. If someone you loved was in that 5%, it would be a big deal. And just shooting people is not cool

    Every single life that is taken by an officer in error, matters. It shouldn't happen. You can't tell that person's mum "oops, stressful day, thought your kid was packing, bygones". That one life matters. That error just cost someone their life.

    Do I believe that we will ever achieve 0% erroneous shootings? Not for a second. But as long as innocent lives are being lost through error, it matters. It's not okay. And we need to keep trying as hard as we can to bring that fatality number down.

    Cops will never be perfect. But innocent lives will always matter.
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  8. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington _______ in progress. Premium Member

    Can you kindly tell me what your point is? Thanks! :)
  9. Casey_03

    Casey_03 I'm a VIP

    I agree with @joeylittle that your hatred of Colin Kaepernick has spurred a great discussion here. Personally, I will be very interested to see how police matters in Chicago have changed in the last few years. I'm moving back home soon after having been gone for 10 years. When I left, the neighborhood was getting more and more violent and gangs were claiming more territory, and it was also around that time that the cops I worked with started trying to implement de-escalation policies. When I was still working there, it seemed like most of the guys were pretty skeptical of that tactic, but maybe it's changed since I've been gone (though I don't think it has, unfortunately).
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  10. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    Hold your horses... I created a super, special, thread for yourself and that odd anarchist fellow who lurks amongst the police here and rattles on about the near success of the Manson family. It is extremely secretive and I assure you it will become a literal, digital, Smithsonian of police autrocities in no short order.

    Now bear in mind, it is extremely secretive as I stated..... so, well, you know.....it's secret. So mum's the word. Or not. But it's there.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2016
  11. sedna

    sedna Well-Known Member

    @K-9 Hey, that's actually a point I hadn't thought of, I feel stupid to say.

    I got so caught up in the business enterprise end, as well as the eliminate red tape and government aspect of possible anarchy ( law enforcement anarchy, but who are we kidding. We are all bigger bitches for corporate America than we are for Uncle Sam. ) I didnt think about the world order without involuntary military. While we like to think that enlisted military saves our country, we forget the draft numbers, they need to be added also.

    If you sign a contract binding you for service in a corporation and you break it, they sue you for monetary damages.

    If you sign up for military duty or you get drafted, you go to prison if you dont show up.

    If a major war happens, what will Americans do if it gets scary and all they have to fear is being sued by the boss?
    Drop the weapons and go watch sports.

    I see the other side in a bigger picture than Anarchy had my head spinning around earlier.

    Although, in the police sector, there's still a very valid concept there.
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  12. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington _______ in progress. Premium Member

    You're TOTES proving my point here!

    Extreme rage over some stranger who has chosen to protest by kneeling instead of doing what is "expected" of him. This guy is just making a point. It is his right to make a point if he so desires. Chances are that nothing he says or does will have a direct effect on you, so why are you so full of rage? This is what I mean by the whole "you must fall in line and respect those in the military or you're not an american" sort of attitude.

    Can I ask why you have this attitude? Was it taught to you? (I have no idea if you're ex cop or ex military).

    In fact, protesting and exercising ones right to protest is just about as American as you can get, and in this sense Colin is simply AWESOME. He's even protesting in a respectful way on the field. He's not hurting anyone or destroying property. He's not even making any noise!

    I just realized why I have a problem with the show respect or your a shit American thing------true respect is given freely and cannot be coerced or demanded. I also cannot stand anyone who feels/acts entitled for any reason.

    I'm probably coming off as a person who is extremely disrespectful to vets and keys their cars. Or something. I assure you I'm not. I never say anything to anyone or treat vets any differently. I just avoid the issue and avoid anyone in the military cuz let's face it, a liberal like me has nothing in common with military peeps. (I even avoid that branch of the family. They don't even know I'm a liberal democrat! LOL)

    I just hate the notion that I should hand out automatic blanket respect to murderers (war is murder) and rapists (there is a rampant rape problem in the military). No, not all in the military are rapists & murderers and in fact many/most are not but this is why I have a problem with forced blanket respect. I try to respect all people but it quickly gets thrown away when it's forced on me. I don't believing in killing-----at all. Every war has tonnes of innocent casualties-----this is what I mean by murder.

    It's kinda like saying you're a bad Catholic if you don't respect all of the pedophile priests who molest little boys! (Yea Apple, making "pedophile" a bad word doesn't make pedos disappear!)
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  13. Ka-9

    Ka-9 Active Member

    Hey Eve, I have no issue with expression, honestly I don't. Well, that anarchist dude creeps me out a bit.....but aside from him, no issues. And you are correct, every one is entitled to have an opinion, and freedom to express it is fine too. And you're not coming off as disrespectful in my humble opinion anyways- so no worries there.

    To answer your Q; I hate this douchey QB becuase he's essentially wasted carbon. He's a ding dong that tosses a ball in delicously tight, white, rayon man-capris, and is allowed to play said children's game.... we'll because there are people who will protect his rights, him, and his money come to think of it. But hey, I hate Lochte too... and he's white! I'm an equal celebrity hating machine for the record.

    I don't hate his rights to protest, I don't even hate his kneeling per say... I mean whatever. But! when he donned his little pig socks, he really just disrespected every fallen officer...human, K9, or even the wives and families of those officers. If I happened to don a pair of socks with a little caricature Michael Brown with a 9mm hole in his noggin... I'm gonna take a giant leap here, and assume I'd be called racist, oooor worse.

    Now..... for not the first time, I'll point out that Colin Kaepernick has done one thing his entire life. Play football.....and possibly orgy with supermodels. But nowhere in his resume has he ever SACRAFICED for others. Not done something nice...like volunteer at a soup kitchen, but sacrafice. So, when a hard boiled squid like him disrespects fallen men and women who have sacraficed, AND labels them all in a generically rascist manner, a manner of which he is apparently protesting? it just makes me want to punt his nuts 45 yards.... what can I say, I'm human.

    The hate comes from watching humans too long. Seriously. I'm burnt out.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016
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