Last night and this morning my pain has worsened. All three teeth in and around the broken tooth hurt in spurts. I am waiting for the Dentist's office to open. I think that will be around an hour from now. This isn't fun!


Don’t know how I missed this one. Oral fixation, dentist, hmmm.

Lucky for me I didn’t have to get false teeth. I’m the only one in my family to have reached my age without full uppers.

But I have a mouthful of caps and crowns, which isn’t perfect by any stretch, but I’m not afraid to smile.

The “patient comfortability” thing will make me insane because there is no need for any of us to be afraid of this, or any of these other barbaric in office practices if they’d just medicate us (me) properly. I could do it no problem.

Laughing gas anyone? Pain killers BEFORE the appointment? But they just laugh at you. Anyway I hope everyone gets to go get your mouths fixed. My wife just forked over thousands of dollars out of pocket for the privilege.

I love our dentist though. He is the sweetest most gentle guy. I actually wept in the chair while he was drilling once, tears streaming down the sides of my face. He didn’t know what to say poor guy.

He doesn’t use the gas on me even though they have it, it’s a license/financial/expense/insurance thing in my state (bastards).


The dentist put me on antibiotics for a week. We could not determine which tooth or teeth are being affected. I have lots of yogurt and a little maple syrup goes well with it. Otherwise, antibiotics mess up my digestion badly.